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    The Science Behind Lab Grown Diamonds & What You Need To Know About Them

    Ah, diamonds. They sure are a girl’s best friend, and up until recently you could only mine them. The development of lab grown diamonds (also called cultivated diamonds, synthetic diamonds, or cultured diamonds) has certainly changed the diamond industry and left ladies like us with a lot of questions. Let’s look at a few of […]

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    This 3D Printed Diamond Ring is Crazy Realistic

    It looks like 3D printing has now entered into the world of jewelry, and we aren’t talking about little plastic trinkets either. No, this 3D printing involves gold, diamonds, and pearls. Doesn’t that sound like a Prince song? Visitors to American Pearl will be given the ability to create, customize and design their very own […]

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    Prince Albert II Gives Monster’s Diamond Tears Headphones a Diamond Jubilee

    While the Queen of England celebrates her diamond jubilee, Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco are busy celebrating Monster’s new Diamond Tears – Edge headphones. Headphones have become a staple of product placement for celebrities, heck, everyone is rocking them Beats nowadays. But Monster’s latest headphones got the royal treatment recently over in […]

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    White Diamond iPhone 4, Because an iPhone is Forever

    So you’re friend just went ahead and bought himself/herself a white iPhone 4. He’s awfully proud of himself/herself for having waited, and keeps rubbing it in you and your black iPhone’s face. Well, it’s finally payback time and this is how you’re gonna do it. Pick up the Platinum and diamonds covered, Pearl White iPhone […]

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    Hercules XPS Diamond 2.0 Speakers Because a Speaker is Forever

    They say that a speaker is a girl’s best friend, ok well they don’t say quite that. But what if a set of speakers were designed to look like diamonds? Hercules XPS DIAMOND 2.0 USB Speakers are indeed designed to look like jewels. The speakers feature two mini-satellites that feature a black lacquered finish along […]