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    HP USB 2.0 Docking Station with DisplayLink Review

    The HP USB Docking Station with DisplayLink opens up your laptop to a world of ports using just a USB cable. It includes video ports, DVI and VGA, an Ethernet jack, a microphone jack, a headphone jack, 4 USB ports and even a security cable slot. By plugging almost any laptop or PC into this […]

  • Netbook Mate Turns Your Netbook into a Laptop – Sorta

    So we all love our Netbooks, but sometimes we do miss the optical drive and ports that were removed to make the Netbook compact and weigh less. That’s where the Netbook Mate comes in handy. It features a slide in/out 2.5″ removable drive, a DVD-RW optical drive, two built-in USB ports and a cooling fan. […]

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    Philips SBD8100 Rotation Dock Speaker and Other New iPod Docks

    Philips also unveiled some stylish and compact iPod docks. The DC190 Contemporary iPod Docking Station & Alarm Clock has a neat mirrored finish for a display. It also has a convenient iPod dock that can fold in to the clock base when not in use. Other features include 20 FM radio presets and the ability […]