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    Kooldog is a Dog House for the Modern Canine

    The conundrum for fashion-forward dog owners has always been thus – finding a way to make your best friend comfortable while still keeping the home in good order, without getting your style cramped by a cheap plastic fence hemming the dog in somewhere.

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    Tagg the Pet Tracker Review

    We all love our pets like they are children, so keeping them safe is a priority. And keeping track of them should be too. That is where Tagg, the Pet Tracker system comes in. Tagg is a GPS tracking system hidden inside of a collar attachment. Design The Tagg tracker measures 3.18” long, 1.49” wide, […]

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    iPhone App of the Week: Fitness Apps Go to the Dogs With MapMyDOGWALK

    It’s time to get Fido in on the fitness revolution. MapMyDOGWALK uses the iPhone’s GPS technology to track your dog walking path, while measuring calories burned, overall speed, time spent walking, and distance traveled. All data is uploaded to the user’s online account at MapMyWalk.com, where the route and exercise history can be reviewed. The […]

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    iPad App of the Week: MyDog Is Your Four-Legged Friend’s Best Friend

    MyDog, available now from the iTunes App Store for free, is an unquestionable must for all the dog owners out there. You can keep an updated log on your buddy’s vitals, creating an easy place to access vaccination schedules, medical history, and owner and vet info, along with other basic physical statistics.

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    iPhone Dog Collar Charm is Ready for FaceTime

    Just because your furry little pal can’t actually use an iPhone, that doesn’t mean they can’t wear one around their neck. The iPhone Collar Charm is incredibly detailed and is available with two different pooches adorning it. However if you check out the details on the iPhone charm you will notice that it sports the […]

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    GoPet Tread Wheel is a Hamster Wheel for Dogs

    I have seen many unique items for pets in my day, but this might just take the cake. GoPet is a company that sells hamster wheels…or rather, tread wheels for your dogs. Its main goal is to get all that energy out of your pup as he/she runs runs runs in his/her wheel. The Tread […]

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    Puppy Tweets Review

    Puppy Tweets is the essential pet gadget for any geeky pet owner who wants to share the wonderful world of Twitter with their favorite furry pal. In particular my dog is very tech savvy – she has her own computer, briefly took over the site back in April, and can be found modeling for some of […]

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    The Canine Shower Stall is Perfect for Bathing Your Pooch at Home

    No this isn’t some torture entrapment for your pets. It’s actually a spa for them… well not exactly, but it still looks kind of menacing. The Canine Shower Stall  has 16 water-jet nozzles and a showerhead that will wash and rinse your doggy in this enclosed space. The powerful water jets will get through the […]

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    We’re Retiring. Special Welcome to our New Editors – Woof

    After nearly 6 years of reporting about the latest technologies for women, each of us have decided to follow other career paths. We’ve grown tired of writing about laptop cases, iPod docks, Hello Kitty phones, and USB gadgets that no one really needs. After the recent success of our Puppy Tweets coverage and the Dog-e-minder […]

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    Hands on with Puppy Tweets, Mattel’s Twitter Dog Collar

    Puppy Tweets a new “toy” from Mattel that is about to transform Twitter as we know it. The device attaches to your dog’s collar and monitor’s his physical activity throughout the day. Each time it detects new activity, or on the otherhand – it detects laziness, the device will send out a tweet from your […]

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    i-Dog Dance Unboxed and Doing the Twist

    There is a new i-Dog in town and he is bigger and badder than his older canine siblings. The new i-Dog Dance sports some new moves including the ability to stand on his hind legs when dancing. Out of the box he comes trained to obey eight commands, including “stay”, “stand” and “dance!” Give him […]

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    Ugobe Pleo Review

    When the Pleo was released back in December of 07′ I was curious to see if this robotic dinosaur lived up to all the hype. Was is it truly intuitive with humans and could it somehow become another member of your family? While originally marketed with kids in mind, Pleo became the pet for adults […]