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    The American Red Cross TurboDyne Series keeps you safe and stylish on the road

    ‘Be safe not sorry’ is a common motto, and this can apply to all areas of your life. The American Red Cross has joined forces with Eton Corporation to create a three piece set of eco friendly roadside assistance products, with a stylish twist.

    The TurboDyne series features three products aimed at making breakdowns easier to deal with. First up is the Road Torq, a wind up flashlight that includes a retractable tripod so it can be used as a beacon. It works off a rechargeable lithium ion battery and 1 minute of cranking gives 15minutes of juice.

    Next we have the Axis, a wind up radio, which can also operate on AAA batteries and mains power. You get an AM and FM digital tuner as well as access to the NOAA weatherband, which includes weather alerts. There’s a 3.5mm jack if you want o listen in with headphone and a USB connector which allows you to charge compatible devices- including some mobile phones. Should you be totally out of power, the Axis has four white LED lights and a flashing red LED light which will allow you to alert people you’re in trouble.

    The third device in the TurboDyne series is the Rover, a portable emergency radio. It’s very similar to the Axis, but is larger and looks sturdier. It features the same specs, apart from the fact that it also features connectors with rubber plugs to seal out moisture. It will no doubt be more expensive as well.

    I like the attention to detail they’ve taken with these products as they are attractive as well as functional, and the streamlined design means you’ll be more likely to keep it in your trunk. They will also be available in black.

    The products will be out on 2011 from the Eton Corporation. Prices TBA.