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    Evernote Adds Group Chat, Wants to Be Your Digital Office

    In the past couple of years, Evernote has made great strides to become something more than just a note-taking app. With a few new updates announced this week at their Evernote Conference, Evernote is going to start looking like an all-in-one office app, letting you get a lot of work done without ever leaving Evernote. […]

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    Doxie Go + Wi-Fi Does Wireless Scanning with Eye-Fi Card

    At Macworld, Doxie has just unveiled the new Doxie Go + Wi-FI. This is essentially the same old Doxie Go, but now it can send your documents to your devices wirelessly. With more and more devices coming with built-in Wi-Fi, Doxie Go+ Wi-Fi seems like a natural evolution, but this is one product that really […]