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    Design the Ultimate Ultrabook Bag and Win $10k!

    During season 8 of Project Runway, Mondo Guerra won the HP/Intel challenge, creating a colorful, vibrant design for a laptop bag. That design is now available as a vertical messenger bag and a carryall bag, but Guerra is more interested in a different design – yours.

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    Anna Sui Previews iPad and MacBook Cases at Fashion Week

    Mercedes-Benz Fashion week might be coming to a close, but along side her Spring 2012 collection, Anna Sui has taken to the runway to debut and preview a new Special Edition iPad and Macbook Case. Anna Sui has actually collaborated with TwelveSouth to introduce the Anna Sui BookBook. The Anna Sui BookBook combines Anna’s signature […]

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    This is What Happens When Missoni Madness Hits Target

    You are left with bare walls! Like cats to catnip, women in droves lined up to grab what they could of the Missoni collection at Target. Some fashionable ladies even started lining up as early as 7:30am this morning. As we reported last week, Missoni was coming to Target and boy have they made a […]

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    Monster Debuts Inspiration Headphones at New York Fashion Week

    Fashion Week in New York is all about trendsetting and this year Monster has out done themselves by using the runway to unveil a new line of fashion-inspired headphones that are sure to be trendsetters this Fall. Debuting during a runaway show of collections from Samantha Sleeper, Zoe Twitt and Melissa Bolin. Their new Inspiration […]

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    Made in Polaroid Exhibit Features Art by Celebs Like James Franco

    Polaroid’s Instant Printers have always unleashed the creative artist inside of its users, and now a new exhibit celebrates artwork by artists, designers, photographers, actors and musicians, who have all used Lady Gaga’s GL10 printer to create unique works of art. Some of the well-known celebs who have contributed to this new Made in Polaroid […]

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    Missoni for Target Collection Includes Laptop Bag and Awesome Bike

    Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is starting here in New York, and this year we’re really excited about the upcoming Missoni for Target collection. For starters, because it’s a Target collaboration, it’s destined to be affordable. The collection is full of colorful zigzags and swirly patterns that totally have a mod vibe going for them.