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    Skype Motivates Estonian Start-ups, But is it Enough to Compete

    What defines a start-up company? Is it drive? Is it the investors? Or could it possibly be the environment in which these companies grow? In the United States, entrepreneurs are considered some of the country’s elite. A formidable group, these people are revered as innovators tasked with developing “the next big thing.” Failure is an […]

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    MobileMonday Summit 2010 Brings Together Global Mobile Innovators

    When it comes to trends in mobile, I think about social networking, sharing, and feature rich smartphones. But what if there’s more to the mobile web? What if the future in mobile is about the social good? That was the trend at the MobileMonday summit, a meetup where leaders in the mobile space join together […]

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    Exclusive of Ball-IT in Action as it Tries to Blow Wii Away

    Probably THE coolest development in video games EVER, Ball-IT will revolutionize gaming. Based out of Finland, Ball-IT requires no hand held controller. You don’t even need a specific gaming system. All you need is the fun, bouncy ball the size of a golf ball. Using wireless sensor technology, the ball senses your movement and controls […]