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    Huawei Fit Review

    The relatively young wearable market is already showing signs of slowdown. Sales are down 50 percent year over year, while current-era smartwatch pioneer Pebble was stripped down and sold off for parts in the face of mounting debt and declining sales. For fitness trackers and smartwatches (and there’s a lot of overlap), it’s becoming increasingly […]

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    Sol Republic Relays Sport Wireless Headphones Review

    Sol Republic just released one of the best pair of wireless sports headphones that doubles as an amazing pair of everyday headphones. The Relays Sport Wireless headphones are in-ear bluetooth headphones that actually stay in during intense exercise. They feature a water resistant design, an 8 hour battery, inline controls and microphone, two audio modes, […]

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    Beats Powerbeats3 In-Ear Headphones Review

    When Apple made their big iPhone 7 announcement in September, they managed to carve out the smallest sliver of time to introduce three new Beats products — the first set to directly benefit from the Apple’s acquisition of Beats. The Solo3 Wireless on-ears, Powerbeats3 in-ears, and the lighter BeatsX in-ears all have Apple’s new W1 chip, which enables […]

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    Samsung Gear Fit2 Review

    It was way back in 2014 when Samsung first introduced the Gear Fit. Here in 2016, Samsung has finally followed it up with the Gear Fit2, a GPS fitness band with smartwatch features. The Fit2 comes with advanced fitness tracking, built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, the ability to sync with Samsung’s S Health […]

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    Withings Go Review

    It seems that every day consumers are bombarded with a new fitness wearable. Wearables unlike the cauliflower trend are here to stay. Retailing for just $79.95, Withings Go stands out from the pack by offering an uber affordable way to track your steps and work outs. For three weeks, all my activities were tracked with Withings Go […]

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    Casio’s Smart Outdoor Watch Meets Military Standards for Toughness

    Watchmaking behemoth Casio has announced the rugged, military-grade WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch, an Android Wear smartwatch with water resistance to depths as great as 164 feet. Having been put through the rigors of U.S. military standards testing, this watch is tough enough to handle all the outdoors can throw at it. The U.S. Military Standard […]

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    Misfit BaubleBar is the Gaudiest Activity Tracker Ever

    As opposed to smartwatches, we don’t usually expect our fitness trackers to be this fashionable, but we’re not complaining. Misfit has partnered up with BaubleBar to create some jewelry-like lockets for bracelets and necklaces bearing the Misfit Flash, and the only thing we’re liking more than the looks is the name of the new line. […]

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    Sony’s Smart B-Trainer Review, Non-Runners Need Not Apply

    Somewhere, avid runners thought really hard and wished up their dream fitness tracker/headphones combo, and Sony’s Smart B-Trainer was born. It is a magical combination of Bluetooth earphones, a heart rate sensor, a curated built-in 16 GB MP3 player, an app, a fitness coach, a GPS tracker, and more. Size and Fit At about the […]

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    Connected Jump Rope Makes Gym Sessions Smarter

    We’ll admit, we get a little bored sometimes hearing about all the glut of fitness tracking products hitting the market, especially when all these gadgets seem to do the exact same things. That’s why we get excited when we see something like the Smart Rope — a new take on an invaluable fitness tool, and […]

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    Misfit Shine 2 Is More Accurate, Smaller Than the Original

    The Misfit Shine, an early pioneer of the fashionable wearable, is getting a refresh this week. The Shine 2 is coming with improvements to both hardware and software, but still manages to shrink down the body — always a win when we’re talking about wearables. The Shine 2 won’t do much different, but will do […]

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    Misfit Just Turned Their Fitness Tracker into a Selfie Button

    The Misfit Flash looks a little smarter today thanks to a new app and a price cut. Misfit is introducing Misfit Link, an app that can work with third party smart devices to turn a Misfit Flash into a multi-purpose smart button, while also announcing a new budget tracker and price cuts across the board. […]

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    Jawbone Files Suit Against Fitbit – Again

    Oh, you though Jawbone was done lawyering up? No, they’re just getting started — the ink has barely dried on their first lawsuit accusing Fitbit of corporate espionage, yet Jawbone is already plunging into round two, filing a separate suit against Fitbit over patent infringement. Late last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Jawbone […]

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    Brookstone BodyForm Foam Roller Review

    As someone with chronic back problems, I’m a big fan of foam rollers – so is my physiotherapist – as a way of loosening tight muscles, getting rid of scar tissue and generally helping my back feel more pliant. But could a vibrating back roller — one that promises to massage as well as loosen […]

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    Microsoft Band Review

    Microsoft has a fitness band? You better believe it because the Microsoft Band is one of the best wearables on the market right now. The Band is loaded up with just about every feature, and it’s a fraction of the price of the soon-to-be-released Apple iWatch. The Band rocks all of the popular fitness/health features […]