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    Thirsty, Ladies? Grab this Chic Handbag Flask

    We are in the middle of a full-blown flask renaissance this year, and it’s a beautiful thing to behold. On the heels of the brilliant mitten flask and the handbag with the hidden liquor compartment comes the Little Black Dress Giant Handbag Flask. Whereas the previous handbag flask went the covert route, this one makes […]

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    Ladies, Can Your Birkin Bag Do This?

    The Bev-Bag is going to be the terror of movie theaters nationwide whenever it becomes available. Something that holds a few swigs worth of booze is a flask. Something that holds an entire bottle’s worth of booze is, assuredly, something else. When that day comes, you’ll be able to get a handbag with a hidden, […]

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    So This is What Happened to Terminator 2’s T-1000

    I mean, if you have to go, this is a pretty solid way to go out. Or liquid, maybe—we can only imagine that after the T-1000 was destroyed, this is what that precious liquid metal was used for. Fortunately, I don’t see any electronics on this Liquid Body Flask, so I don’t think it’ll be […]

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    Drink Away the 80’s with the Drinkman Flask

    Sure it’s now 2012, but our fondness of the 80’s will never wane, and neither will our love for the original Sony Walkman. And that is exactly why this latest ingenious gadget from Just Mustard is even more amazing than we can begin to describe. The Drinkman is an ode to big hair, music and […]

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    Nec Flask Cell Phone Is Pure Liquid Gold

    Solar Power seems to be the wave of the future of powering gadgets or homes. But what about liquid? The NEC Flask which will be released sometime in 2008, it is powered by a liquid fuel cell that disappears as power is drained away. The phone will also feature a touchscreen display and will have […]