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    Ford Wants to Put Their Autonomous Cars of the Future on Lyft’s Network

    The landscape of the autonomous driving industry has been taking shape this year, and it’s one that increasingly features Lyft more than its recently maligned rival, Uber. Coming into this week, Lyft had already formed partnerships with GM, Waymo (the Google spinoff), and Jaguar Land Rover to help bring those companies’ autonomous cars to the […]

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    Domino’s is Testing Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Cars with Ford

    Domino’s has been at the forefront of pizza delivery technology for as long as I can remember pizza delivery technology being a thing (so, the pizza tracker). They’ve tested delivery robots, they’ve tested pizza delivery drones, and now they’re going to be testing autonomous car deliveries — kind of. We’re still many years out from ever […]

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    Is Ford Already Preparing for a World Without Drivers?

    Earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford had much more to talk about than just cars. They’re trying to brand themselves as a mobility company — that’s going to include dabbling in ride sharing, public transportation, autonomous cars, and even bicycles. That’s in preparation for the future Ford is anticipating — one in […]

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    Ford Celebrates 50 Years of the Mustang

    Not content to just celebrate the 2015 Ford Mustang as the 50th anniversary showpiece, Ford is readying a special edition of their new Mustang for the festivities. You may not be surprised to learn that very few people will ever own one.

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    2014 Ford Escape is a Techie Wonderland on Wheels: Review

    The 2014 Ford Escape is many things – comfortable, sporty looking, and it delivers respectable gas mileage. While we can write in depth about the engine and handling of this cross-over vehicle, which has been covered over and over again by many others, we prefer to dwell on the interior, the part of the Ford […]

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    Hands-on with the New 2015 Ford Mustang

    It’s still 2013, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start talking about the 2015 Ford Mustang. And, for good reason – the 2015 model will represent quite the milestone for the Mustang. Next year will be the 50th consecutive year that the Mustang has been in production, something very few other makes of […]

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    2014 Ford Fiesta Takes a Spin Around the Jersey Shore

    After lots of success in Europe, Ford first introduced the Fiesta to the U.S. back in 2010. Since then the Fiesta has risen amongst the car ranks to become the top non-hybrid conquest vehicle for Ford and the best selling subcompact car globally. Three years later, the Fiesta has been refined and updated to be […]

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    Ford2Go Brings Car Sharing to Germany

    During his speech at Mobile World Congress, Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford, hinted at something every major car manufacturer probably already knows – fewer people are going to be interested in buying cars in the future. There are plenty of reasons for that – increased urban congestion, lower-income people being priced out of the […]

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    Ford F-Series Celebrates 65th Anniversary Trucking Power

    The past and present are coming together this week for Ford trucks. Just as Ford Motors is announcing their brand new, massive hulk of a concept truck (appropriately named Atlas), the company is celebrating the 65th anniversary of an automotive staple – the Ford F-Series.

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    Ford Brings New Apps to Their Sync AppLink System

      Not content to let Chevy hog the in-car app spotlight at CES, Ford has announced nine new apps that will be compatible with its in-car Sync AppLink system. That brings the total up to 19, and all indications are pointing toward that number going up dramatically in the near future.

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    How Ford Goes Hands-On With a Car, Years Before Production

    Years before a Ford automobile goes into production, designers can go hands on with the car through virtual reality! They can look and feel all around a car as if they were really in it. This week we got a special tour of Ford’s design laboratory in Deerborn, Michigan–it was quite a treat for us […]

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    MyFord Touch Owners Getting an Upgrade This Week

    As promised, owners of Ford vehicles that feature MyFord Touch, a special UI for Ford cars, will receive an upgrade sometime this week via a USB flash drive coming in the mail. MyFord Touch, which allows drivers to wirelessly use their mobile devices in conjunction with their Ford cars in a safe, hands-free way, has […]

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    Ford’s TuneIn Radio App to Offer Drivers 50,000+ Global Stations with Voice-Controlled SYNC

    CES 2012 saw Ford release a very interesting announcement in the field of car/smartphone integration with the new TuneIn Radio App that works in tandem with SYNC connectivity system. Drivers can access and control apps on their smartphones with just their voice, making for safer driving. 10 models have this capability including: The 2012 Ford […]

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    2011 Kia Optima SX Turbo Review

    Lets face it, when you think of a KIA – horsepower, sleek lines, fuel efficiency and overall sex appeal usually doesn’t come to mind. But the 2011 Kia Optima SX Turbo is certainly all that and more. The Kia Optima SX Turbo has it all for both men and women – that includes the 274-hp, […]

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    2012 Ford Escape is Kicking it With 11 New Features

    Ready to Escape with Ford? Well the new Ford Escape SUV arrives next year with some bells and whistles that will make driving even more cost efficient, and more intuitive too with smart technologies at your fingertips.  There will be a total of 11 new exclusive features in all that will debut with the 2012 […]