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    Turn Any Wall into a Full-Sized Touch Screen Display with Kinect

    Here we are at Day 1 of Intel Developer Forum witnessing some fabulous proof-of-concept designs. The first concept to really catch our eye is Intel’s “Display without Boundaries”, where Intel turns any surface into a fully capable multi-touch screen. That means you can turn any wall, table, or item into a touch-screen device that recognizes […]

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    Samsung Shows Us Their Displays of the Future

    Samsung dazzled us this week with their demo of both the PenTile RGBW prototype display for tablets and their transparent AMOLED display. Earlier this year they showed the technology off at a few  consumer electronic tradeshows, but soon enough both the PenTile and transparent AMOLED display will be pushed out into the market.

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    4 Context-Aware Computing Technologies from Intel That Will Shape the Future

    If you could look into Intel’s crystal ball, you’d see that their vision of the future includes context-aware computing. Intel has done extensive research into what people love, and how much of that involves technology and people’s attachment to their technology. As a result, they believe that integrating context-aware computing is the future. What exactly […]

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    Terrafugia Transition Flying Car Gets FAA Approval for Takeoff

    Flying cars are something we didn’t actually expect to ever see in our lifetime, but we might just be wrong about that after all. The Terrafugia Transition Flying Car, which has been in development since 2006 has finally received approval to operate in the sky by the Federal Aviation Administration. The Terrafugia Transition Flying Car […]

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    Future Gadget & Tech Preview from Inside Intel’s Research Labs

    At the labs at Intel, the scientists are constantly working on inventing tomorrow’s technology – and this may be a surprise, but not all of that research involves computer processors. Last week, we were invited along with a group of other women bloggers to come to Intel’s Santa Clara headquarters, where we were offered a […]