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    Tetris Movie is On Its Way, and It Has an $80 Million Budget

    via GIPHY We all love playing Tetris: The music, the the shapes, intense pressure! But could you imagine it ever giving way to a full blown motion picture? Well, you won’t have to imagine for much longer.according to Deadline, a full-length movie based on the classic Game Boy game Tetris will begin shooting in China next year. Believe […]

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    Game Boy Inspired TravelBoy Backpack is Nostalgia for Your Back

    We love anything that reminds us of being a kid again and the latest backpack from ThinkGeek does just that.  Timely launched during Game boy’s 25th anniversary year –  Travelboy, a  Gameboy inspired backpack will hold your stuff and then some. We are talking several pouches and compartments to hide vinyl toys and of course […]

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    ThinkGeek Beach Boy Towel is Ready to Dry You Off

    Can a towel get anymore awesome? Every once and a while something comes along that is just so amazing that you can’t simply sit around and say nothing… unless you are actually sitting on this towel. The ThinkGeek Beach Boy Towel is one such item. This towel looks very similar to a very popular portable […]