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    Monster Meek Mill 24K is the Golden Nugget of Headphones: Review

    Monster just released some serious headphone bling! Their 24K over-ear headphones are entirely covered in fab gold sexiness. These premium headphones feature a DJ-style build, Monster’s ’24K next level sound’, giant plush cushions, and an inline ControlTalk with microphone. Plus, they’re limited edition by rapper/producer Meek Mill. Is it real gold? No. Maybe a little? […]

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    6 Golden Accessories for the Gold iPhone 5s

    If you were among the lucky ones to snag a Gold iPhone 5S then you might be looking for a few accessories to go along with it this holiday season. Many of us buy cases to put on our phones to protect them, and have a little fun personalizing with colors or patterns. But a […]

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    This 3D Printed Diamond Ring is Crazy Realistic

    It looks like 3D printing has now entered into the world of jewelry, and we aren’t talking about little plastic trinkets either. No, this 3D printing involves gold, diamonds, and pearls. Doesn’t that sound like a Prince song? Visitors to American Pearl will be given the ability to create, customize and design their very own […]

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    Pioneer’s DDJ-SX-N Controller is Golden

    If you’re going to make it in the world of DJs, you’re going to have to be flashy. A golden controller helps with that. Pioneer has announced a brand new limited edition of their DDJ-SX controller, the gold-colored DDJ-SX-N. The controller eschews the old style of turntables for a completely digital approach. It has two […]

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    Anyone Want an iPhone 4S 24kt Gold Bumper?

    Remember those infamous bumper cases that debuted right alongside the iPhone 4 last year? Well nowadays they may not be as popular as they were back then, but that hasn’t stopped Crystal Rocked from coming out with 24kt gold plated iPhone 4S Crystal Bumpers. That’s right you don’t have to get your entire iPhone dipped in […]

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    iPhone 4 Bumper Cases Get Dipped in 24kt Gold

    This week may all be about the iPad but the little old iPhone 4 deserves a little attention too. Well how about a 24kt gold bumper? Yes that’s right, instead of the iPhone, it’s actually the accessory getting the golden treatment. Remember the Apple bumpers of yore that where supposed to enhance your phone reception? […]

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    24kt Gold Graphic Plated iPhone 4 is Legit Not a Rendering

    We have all seen the renderings of iPhone 4’s blinged out in diamonds, gold, platinum, etc…from the likes of Stuart Hughes. It’s easy to make a rendering. However Computer-Choppers has the sense to actually show-off the real thing. They have just unleashed their collection of blinged out iPhone 4’s covered in Gold, White Gold, Rose […]

  • Golden USB Key from HP Sports a Crystal on Its Front

    At first glance, you might assume that this USB key is one of those junky  imported USB keys, but for once – that is not the case. The new HP c335w is actually a high quality USB key with looks to match. The c335w has a glossy, gold metal body with a crystal accent and […]

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    LaCie Releases Three USB Keys That Look Like Real Keys

    Last September we reported on the Aexea KeyXpress USB Key that actually looked like a ‘key’. Well who knew the firestorm that would incur, blogging about what ended up being labeled a ‘crapgadget’.  Just released today, the iamaKey and itsaKey ( unique names ) come in 4GB and 8GB capacities from LaCie and your eyes […]

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    iFrogz Custom Headphones Review

    The market has been flooded recently with an abundance of headphones and earphones. So what can a company do to make them stand out from the rest and be desirable to the consumer? iFrogz came up with an ingenious idea to offer customization for your headphones as well as a reasonable price. Design: In the […]

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    Wicked Lasers Executive Series Nexus Laser Pointer Review

    Being the technology loving connoisseur that I am, I never knew a subculture existed for laser pointers and the people that use them! I mean, I can vaguely remember attending my share of conferences, where the person giving the presentation used a laser pointer. Suffice it to say, the only thing that kept my attention […]