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    Watch Out Siri, Google Assistant is Coming to the iPhone

    It’s been an interesting month for Apple and its nearest competitors. Last week at the Microsoft Build developers conference, we learned that iTunes is coming to the Windows Store as an app, and now this week we’ve got Google with some big Apple-related news. At their I/O developers conference today, the company revealed that Google […]

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    Google AutoDraw Transforms Your Terrible Doodles Into Something Pretty

    Google’s not out to judge your doodles — well, it kind of is. With their new AutoDraw tool, their machine learning technology can take a look at your doodles, guess what you’re trying to draw, and then replace your, er, work with something more pleasing to the eye. AutoDraw is a web-based canvas, sort of. It’s […]

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    YouTube Releases an App Optimized for Slow Internet Connections

    With many of the affluent markets already saturated with tech, greater and greater attention is being paid to lower-income markets. Already this year, we’ve seen an affordable new Nokia phone for emerging markets and Amazon Cash, a service that makes it easier to shop on Amazon without having a debit or credit card. Today, it’s […]

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    Google Puts Ms. Pac-Man on Google Maps for April Fools

    April Fool’s Day falls on a weekend this year. Google, worried that they wouldn’t be able to prank office managers around the world, did us all a solid and got things started a day early. Your time-waster for today is Google’s April 1 tradition — Pac-Man on Google Maps. For 2017, they’ve got Ms. Pac-Man chomping […]

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    Here are Some of the Changes Coming in the Android O Update

    We won’t get a full rundown of the changes coming in this year’s Android O update (or the official candy name), until the Google I/O developer conference in May, but Google gave us all a sneak peek with a developer preview. Meant for app developers to begin work implementing the upcoming new toys, the preview […]

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    YouTube TV is a Streaming TV Service with Unlimited Cloud DVR

    YouTube is becoming ThemTube. The video hosting site that first got big featuring random videos from random people is now getting into pay TV thanks to the cord-cutting trend. Announced today, YouTube TV is a streaming television service that will include over 40 channels for $35 per month, plus unlimited cloud DVR. It looks like […]

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    Google Boss Tables Seven-Year-Old’s Application With a Smiley Face

    Call it a dream deferred. Seven-year-old Chloe Bridgewater of Hereford, England sent off a handwritten letter straight to Google HQ (addressed to “Google Boss”) inquiring about job opportunities (and praising office amenities), and hey, she got a response! In other words, she’s probably already doing better than most applicants to Google. To be fair to […]

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    The Top 10 Apps of the Year Will Not Surprise You

    It’s been like this for a while, but the Wild West has been tamed. The world of apps has been whittled down to a few giants, and it’s those giants that dominate the top 10 apps of 2016. Nielsen has been getting into mobile analytics lately, and they’ve put together the list based on average […]

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    Cronologics, Makers of the CoWatch, Have Been Acquired by Google

    2016 has been a rough year for smartwatches — not only did sales drop over 50 percent from last year, but the entire year has gone by without an update to Google’s Android Wear smartwatch operating system. Android Wear 2.0 is slated to arrive early next year, but it’s already seen considerable delays, and some Android […]

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    Pixel XL Review: Android’s Yardstick

    It’s the end of an era. After seven generations, the Nexus brand is no more. This year, Google gives us Pixel and Pixel XL, the first phones developed by the company in-house, and sold without any kind of co-branding. With prices ranging between $649 and $869, these are expensive devices, and the company is betting […]

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    Google Duo Takes on FaceTime and Skype, And It’s Out Now

    Yeah, it’s another video calling app. Despite the fact that virtually every messaging app now allows for video calling (including Google’s own Hangouts), Google saw fit to announce another one at their Google I/O developer conference earlier this year. Google Duo, which is launching today, is a simple video calling app, and nothing else — […]

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    Could Google Fuchsia Be a Brand New Operating System?

    Some pretty interesting rumors surrounding Google are flaring up this week. Several outlets are reporting, based on bits and pieces of evidence from chatlogs and open source development sites, that Google is working on a brand new operating system. Google’s best-known operating system is Android, which we’ve seen on smartphones since 2008. Google acquired Android […]

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    Lenovo PHAB2 Pro is the AR-Savvy Project Tango Smartphone

    Since CES, details have slowly surfaced about a collaboration between Lenovo and Google on a new smartphone — one that doesn’t involve Motorola. Google’s Project Tango is all about augmented reality, using sensors and algorithms that allow smartphones to recognize complex objects and map out surroundings using just the rear camera array. As promised, it’s debuting […]