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    Google Glass is Back, and This Time it Means Business

    It’s been over two years since Google’s early attempt at wearable augmented reality blew up in their face. In 2015, Google finally had to admit that Google Glass in its then-current form wasn’t going to work as a consumer device after receiving tons of blowback about the unsettling idea of someone staring at you with […]

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    Has Google Glass been Mercifully Killed Off?

    The writing was on the wall when it couldn’t catch on at even the techiest of tech conferences, but it’s official now—Google Glass, in its current form, is about to join the Apple Newton, the Nintendo Virtual Boy, and Google Wave on the technological trash heap. Google has announced that it will stop sales of […]

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    Watch Elders React to Google Glass and it is Spot-On!

    Elders React has become a YouTube staple over the years, with a roster of loveable old folks and their reactions to the newfangled surprises the future has brought. Like dubstep! They recently tackled Google Glass, and—well, if we’re being honest, the whole YouTube video is a pretty good encapsulation of the Google Glass narrative arc […]

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    David Datuna Creates First Google Glass Art Installation

    At the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery this weekend, there will be a huge new art installation resembling the flag of the United States, just for Presidents’ Day weekend. But, this is no static exhibit – viewers will be participating, too, and they’ll be doing so using Google Glass. Portrait of America, by artist David Datuna, […]

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    NYPD Takes Google Glass Out on Patrol

    Well, I guess this was inevitable. The cops are taking Google Glass out for a spin, in what I suppose is the first, ever-so-slight step towards RoboCop becoming a reality. From the sounds of it, according to a VentureBeat report, the NYPD doesn’t have too specific of an idea of how they want to use […]

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    Inrix Traffic App Puts Google Glass Behind the Wheel

    Inrix is looking to corner the market on traffic information by updating their app, slashing the price, and even getting out a working version of the app on the upcoming Google Glass. The Inrix Traffic App can actually be had for free, with pretty robust functionality. In just the free version, you’ll get personalized traffic […]