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    Trax24 Pal is a Portable SOS Button

    There are a lot of solid apps out there for GPS tracking and emergency situations. The problem, sometimes, is that those things are on a phone – while useful, they’re not practical to use if you actually find yourself in an emergency situation, and your phone might be nicked by your assailant, anyway.

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    FINIS Releases Hydro Tracker GPS For Swimmers

    The Hydro Tracker GPS from FINIS works a lot like other fitness accessories – it can map routes, track movement, and record fitness statistics. This one might be one of the first to be specifically designed for swimmers, though, as it is fully waterproof and can be attached to a pair of swimming goggles. Statistics […]

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    Livewire FastTrac Ultra Thin GPS is Smaller than the iPhone

    The Livewire FastTrac: Ultra-Thin GPS tracking with 1, 5, or 10 second updates is the thinnest GPS tracking system on the market. Even smaller than the iPhone! The web-based tracking system requires no software to be installed and gives real time GPS nationwide coverage. Zoom in on the map for the exact street location accurate […]