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    Grumpy Cat Takes Over All of the Disney Movies, and It’s Pretty Amazing

    You haven’t forgotten about Grumpy Cat, have you? You wouldn’t want to make her, well, even grumpier! And before you even think of saying that Grumpy Cat is over, know that she’s sitting on 2.4 million Instagram followers and counting. You start hating, she’ll just keep on scowling all the way to the bank. We […]

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    A Tale of Two Felines at Toy Fair 2014

    Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub took over Toy Fair this year. The social media darlings were all the rage at the big toy show, from posters plastered along the sides of booths, to signs hanging from the rafters of the Javits Center – the cats have come out to play this year. So why all […]

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    Lowe Mill Grumpy Cat Art Project Brings Smiles to Kids

    Looks like Grumpy Cat couldn’t be confined to Internet memes and shoddy Microsoft Paint work. Now the pros are taking IRL cracks at this year’s feline Internet sensation, with Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment’s Grumpy Cat Art Project.