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    Indian Women Arming Themselves with a Ladies Only Gun

    Last year, for whatever reason, the media powers that be decided that they would put India’s staggering sexual violence problem front and center. Rapes and, in general, discrimination against women, have arguably always plagued India. It’s a shame it took this long for the problem to be brought to the fore, but it’s here. The […]

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    Gunning for it: Are Women with Guns Fantasy Figures or Empowered?

    It’s hard to know where to start assigning blame for the popularization of women in gun culture. Do we say it’s when Tomb Raider was first launched in 1996 (which then spawned Angelina Jolie in booty shorts clutching two pistols with deadly abandon) or should we move further back in time to Sarah Connor’s kick […]

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    Bionic Commando XBox 360 Review

    Based on the original Bionic Commando from Nintendo, Capcom decided to bring it back and give it a whirl with updated graphics and game play. Well they should have left it alone. The story starts with Nathan Spencer, the Bionic Commando being brought back into action by the same force that imprisoned him after he […]