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    FaceVsion TouchCam N1 720p HD Webcam Review

    It’s 2010 and video chatting has been practically mainstream for 10+ years. You would think by now we would be able to video chat with our loved ones in high definition. Well, finally, we can: FaceVsion’s TouchCam N1 delivers 720p High Definition Video Calling supported by Skype. This USB webcam features a wide-angle auto focus […]

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    Samsung’s HMX-E10 1080P Pocket Camcorder Screams “Touch Me!”

    Ever since the Flip became popular, so many manufacturers have come out with competing products with not only similar function, but similar form as well. Quite frankly, we’re growing sick of the unoriginality, so it’s good to see that Samsung’s latest HD camcorder has a design that more or less deviates from the norm, if […]