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    5.11 Tactical Handbags are Designed for Packing Heat

    Usually, the kind of handbags we see come this way hold a whole other kind of hardware. The 5.11 Tactical Handbags are made for packing heat, though, and we’re not talking about your overheating six-year-old laptop. The Sarah Satchel and Lucy Tote from 5.11 Tactical are handbags with dedicated slots for pistols and pistol accessories. […]

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    Domo Kun Furry Handbag is a Must Have Evening Bag

    Is Domo becoming a sellout? From iPhone cases to toasters, there isn’t much left out there that Domo hasn’t graced. So the next likeliest place for Domo to end up is on your handbag of course.  Domo is hungry, and by the looks of this cavernous handbag, he’s going to need to eat a lot. […]