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    LaCie is First to Debut a USB-C External Hard Drive

    That didn’t take long. Only a day after Apple debuted the new MacBook, with its single multi-purpose USB-C port, LaCie has announced that their first USB-C drive will be available sometime in the next few months. The drive is exactly the same as the USB 3.0 Porsche Design Mobile Drive, the aluminum-clad HDD designed for […]

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    Leef Surge Copper Edition

    About a year ago, we took a look at the Leef Surge, which is pretty much the smallest USB flash drive ever. I mean, I guess there might be some smaller, maybe, but we’d be splitting hairs at that point. Anyway, the Surge is still around and smaller than a wireless mouse dongle, but it’s […]

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    Keep Your Files Fresh With the Cork USB Flash Drive

    I kinda figured this was just a plastic imitation of a cork, because I would never put it past anyone to create a cheap knock-off and sell it for a Jackson. Fortunately, we’ve stumbled onto someone committed here—this Cork USB Flash Drive is an honest-to-goodness cork with an 8 GB USB flash drive tucked away […]

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    The 90’s Mixtape is Now an 8GB iPhone 5s Case

    It’s amazing, as time marches on, we always seem to yearn for things from the past. Let’s take the mixtape for instance, the once treasured way of sharing your own personal collection of songs has now become a shareable playlist on a multitude of streaming music services. But that doesn’t mean what was old, can’t […]

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    Buffalo’s New Travel Router Fixes Flaky Hotel Wi-Fi Connections

    Ever realize how hotel Wi-Fi has not improved over the last five years? If anything it’s only gotten worse with all the extra devices trying to connect. Here at CES, Buffalo has released the solution: the AirStation AC 433 Wireless Travel Router. This unique pocket-sized device turns a hotel ethernet cable into a wireless router […]

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    LaCie Sphère Hard Drive is 360 Degrees of Luxury

    Normally, I would decry a luxury tech device with a French accent in the name as utterly insufferable, but LaCie and silver design house Christofle are actually from France, so I guess the Sphère gets a pass. Sphère is a ritzy-for-the-sake-of-it silver-plated hard drive in the form of a sphere that looks like it might […]

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    Give Your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4 the Finger

    We guess that creating unique accessories for smartphones is really getting more difficult to come up with, because why else would you make a finger stand? That said, using appendages as models for accessories is really not new. Remember the ‘thumb’ drive? Yeah we know…haha. In any case, the Finger stand does what you would […]

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    Mimoco Cartman Flash Drive Will Eat His Weight in Storage

    Time has come for San Diego Comic Con to roll around once again, and that means Mimoco will be in tow with all new flash drives. This year, they’re revealing six Comic Con exclusives, some of which will only see limited production runs. To start off, though, they have four new drives that will enter […]

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    Buffalo DriveStation DDR Review

    We all want the performance of an SSD, but when it comes to large amounts of storage, SSDs get real pricey, real fast. That is why Buffalo’s DriveStation DDR is so unique. Buffalo claims that it’s the world’s Fastest USB Hard Drive, with SSD‐like transfer Performance. Buffalo has managed to accomplish this by using a […]

  • USB Utility Charge Tool is a Geeky Swiss Army Knife

    I have always been a fan of the Swiss Army Knife. Its practicality, that it is always there for you when you run into trouble. It is the goto for box cutting or getting yourself out of a pair of awful pantyhose. However, till now there hasn’t been such a tool that was solely dedicated […]

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    Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB Drive for iOS and Android Review

    Last year we reviewed Seagate’s Satellite Wireless Hard Drive and were impressed; this year we’re reviewing Seagate’s Wireless Plus, the 1TB big brother, and we’re blown away. The Wireless Plus gives you an incredible amount of storage in a handheld device that can wirelessly stream and transfer content to your phone, tablet, and other devices. […]

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    Mimobots Just Got Cuter with Hello Kitty and Ugly Dolls

    Flash drives are essential these days… so you might as well store your files in style! To that effect, flash drives really don’t get cooler than Mimobots, especially when they’re bringing all of our favorite characters to life. We were lucky enough to get our hands on Mimobots from the new Ugly Doll and Hello […]