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    FurReal Friends Torch Review

    We all had stuffed animals when we were young, but it’s the 21st century, and our kids expect more from their stuffies than just being soft and cuddly. FurReal Friends add a little life to your child’s playtime — they respond to your child with endearing lights, sounds, and motions. Torch is no exception. You may be […]

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    Love2Learn Elmo Is The Most Advanced Elmo Yet

    It’s been 20 years since Tickle Me Elmo established as a hard rule that every year must have its signature Elmo doll. This year, it’s Love2Learn Elmo, and we got to see him in action at the 2016 New York Toy Fair. With an Elmo doll, you know what you’re getting at minimum — lots […]

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    14 Hot Toys for Kids – A Gift Guide

    Need help on what to get the kids this holiday season? Admittedly, probably not — if they haven’t given you their pages-long, annotated wish lists yet, it only means that they’re still writing them. But, no holiday season is complete without a few surprises (hopefully good ones), and there are few things as satisfying as […]

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    Hasbro Molds September 16 Into World Play-Doh Day

    Reach into the closet for those old cans of Play-Doh and hope they haven’t all dried out, because as of this year, September 16 is officially World Play-Doh Day. The powers that be, or Hasbro, or whoever have deemed it so. Apparently, September 16 has been National Play-Doh Day since 2006, but we live in […]

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    Giddy Up! Watch Barbie Mount a Horse by Herself

    As we know, Barbie has a faithful horse named Tawny. The two have been on many toy shelves together, in the ultimate act of bonding. But, this year’s pairing promises to be better than ever, because we’re getting some genuine galloping action. There’s a lot going on with the Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse & […]

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    Furbacca is Chewbacca in Furby Form!

    If you thought there was a ton of Star Wars merch before, just you wait. Not only does Disney now own Star Wars, there’s also a new Star Wars movie coming out this year. It’s a perfect storm, and we’re just starting to get a glimpse of the weather forecast. If Furbacca is any indication, […]

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    Monopoly Coach Edition Costs $2k and It’s Fabulous

    Is it the most expensive Monopoly board ever? Haha, no. Still, the price of landing on a Boardwalk hotel is awfully steep for a game of Monopoly. I guess it wouldn’t be Coach if everyone could afford it, right? Monopoly is getting a $2,000 Coach makeover, and I’d say it’s also the the 2,000th different […]

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    Demi Lovato’s Twister Moves line Features a Hula Hoop

    Old Twister will never go out of fashion. Young people will always revel in falling on top of each other suggestively, while older people will always seek the thrill of coming within a razor’s edge of permanently damaging any or all their joints. But, just about everyone who wants to own Old Twister probably already […]

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    Hasbro Game of Life: zAPPed Edition For iPad Review

    It was only last month that we got up close and personal with Hasbro’s new line of zAPPed line of board games. Now that we have had some time to spend with this latest crop of iPad centered board games, we are more than ever addicted to family game night.  Hasbro is looking to bring […]

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    Mr. Potato Head Gears Up For Batman Dark Knight Rises

    Mr. Potato Head is gearing up with his bat suit for this summer’s release of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Mr. Potato Head will be fighting crime in Gotham and he features his “mix and match” components, just like the real batman. He comes complete with the batarang, utility belt, mask, suit, cape, and maybe […]

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    Hands-On with the LAZER TAG Blaster (2012)

    Do you remember LAZER TAG?? Well this classic game is being re-imagined for 2012 by Hasbro. Introduced at Toy Fair, this latest twist on LAZER TAG involves an awesome piece of plastic artillery and your iPhone / iPod Touch. In order to bring your game to life you will need to download the augmented reality […]

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    Carnival’s Fun Ship 2.0 Brings EA Sports Bar and Hasbro Games On-Board

    Carnival has announced that they’re are investing over 500 million dollars into transforming their entire fleet of ships into a better vacation experience. The Fun Ship 2.0 initiative includes new dining choices, innovative bars and lounges and even more entertainment options.  The cruise line has partnered with Comedian George Lopez to enhance the on-board comedy […]

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    Hasbro Star Wars R/C Millennium Falcon Doesn’t Require Han Solo

    If you ever wanted to control your own Millennium Falcon you’ll be able to in the fall. Hasbro has announced the availability of an indoor flying remote control Millennium Falcon. When we saw it in action we were pretty impressed.  It is 11 inches long and 8 inches wide, the largest flying Star Wars R/C […]