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    iHealth Clear Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Review

    The iHealth Clear Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is a new smart medical gadget that can read results aloud while storing stats in a companion app for easy tracking. If you are looking for an easy-to-use blood pressure monitor and tracker for an ailing loved one, this is your product. Here’s why! Setup The first thing […]

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    Velo Seat Lets You Bike At Your Desk While You’re Working

    Treadmill desks are about to look so lame. NextDesk has just launched the Velo which is essentially a seat that allows you to bike while you work the day away. With just the touch of a button you can simply raise or lower your powered standing desk to a sitting, cycling, or standing height, and switch […]

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    Philips’ Study Reveals That Folks Get Bored of Wearables Within a Few Months

    If you have an internet-connected fitness band or watch, you’ve no doubt wondered if it’s all worth it, even if you’re a hardcore workout fanatic. Remembering to charge and wear the band, making sure you’re manually entering meal and workout data not recorded automatically every day, checking the automatic data to make sure it’s reasonably accurate […]

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    Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Review

    Withings has set up a health tracking platform via the Withings HealthMate App that pairs with several of their Bluetooth health tracking devices. Among their ecosystem of Bluetooth health tracking products are a smartwatch, a pulse oximeter, a scale, a thermostat, and a blood pressure monitor. We got to test out their Wireless Blood Pressure […]

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    Does The World Need a Bluetooth-Enabled Pregnancy Test? First Response Thinks So

    We’ve seen plenty of connected health tech during the explosion of smart gadgets and the Internet of Things, but less so when it comes to feminine hygiene and pregnancy. First Response, which has some expertise in pregnancy tests, is trying to address that shortfall with their Pregnancy Pro Digital Pregnancy Test, a Bluetooth-enabled test that […]

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    Casio’s Smart Outdoor Watch Meets Military Standards for Toughness

    Watchmaking behemoth Casio has announced the rugged, military-grade WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch, an Android Wear smartwatch with water resistance to depths as great as 164 feet. Having been put through the rigors of U.S. military standards testing, this watch is tough enough to handle all the outdoors can throw at it. The U.S. Military Standard […]

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    MOCAheart, Learn About Your Heart Health with the Press of a Thumb

    With the press of a button, MOCAheart can give you a snapshot of your heart health. A pressurized thumb scan is used to determine your blood pressure and velocity. Instead of giving the regular numerical readout for blood pressure, the results are translated into a simple scale ranging from one (healthy) to five (dangerous), which […]

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    Thermo Is A Wi-Fi Connected Temporal Thermometer

    The days of temperature readings requiring a stick and an orifice are over. To the delight of kids everywhere and pretty much everyone, the future of taking temperature is on your temple, and Withings is at CES 2016 helping to make that future the present. Thermo is a new Wi-Fi thermometer capable of reliably taking […]

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    Health Band Wearable Wants to Put an End to Nausea

    A solution to nausea that doesn’t involve pills that have side effects that are usually just as unwelcome as the nausea itself? That’s the dream for anyone who’s ever known morning or motion sickness, and it’s one that might come true next year if ReliefBand Technologies can deliver on its promises. Fresh off a successful […]

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    Foreo’s Hybrid Head is Not The Usual Electric Toothbrush

    Way back at CES 2014, Foreo, more known for their skincare gadgets, came out with a funky-looking electric toothbrush called Issa that promised to be a lot less funky than the average toothbrush, using silicone nubs that discourage bacteria growth on the brush head. That brush head has gotten an update this year — the […]

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    Purple Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush is Inspired by Runway Trends

    By their own admission, the newest color for Philips’ Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush is coming straight from runway trends of 2015. The metallic, deep purple Amethyst Edition keeps with the space motif we’ve seen from several top-level designers this year, including Valentino. “The combination creates a standout aesthetic that is unexpected and daring in a traditionally […]

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    A Harvard Medical School Professor Wants to Turn Back Your Body’s Clock

    Want to find out what age you really are, but want something more accurate than a BuzzFeed quiz? Good news — there’s a new platform from InsideTracker called InnerAge, and while the premise sounds a little flighty, there’s some serious science and some top minds in health getting behind it. The end result of InnerAge […]

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    Is Willow Curve a Scam?

    Are you jacking up your wrists and hands by all that texting and typing you’re doing? Well, too much of anything is usually a bad thing, so even though the jury’s still out, there’s a pretty good chance the answer is yes. So, how can you ease the creeping pain of your mangled, monkey paw-esque […]

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    Philips Splits into Two Companies Focused on Health and Lighting

    Philips was all about business at the IFA Global Press Conference last week, detailing ongoing plans to restructure their company and double down on health tech. The plan would see Philips merge their consumer electronics and health tech operations while spinning out their lighting business in an IPO that could come sometime next year. According […]