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    23 (More) Glamorous Disney Inspired High Heels and Boots

    Can’t get enough Disney heels? Our original article just wasn’t enough so we rounded up 25 more great Disney-themed heels. These outrageous shoes are covered in everything from crystals, to glitter, and gems, that sparkle away to help you show off your love of all things Disney! Get ready for even more magical nights! Aladdin […]

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    25 More Geeky But Magnificent High Heels

    Hot on the heels of our last Geeky High Heels story, pun intended, we’re bringing you more fabulous and outrageously geeky high heels to gawk at. Because true geeks are always looking for a way to include some geeky goodness in their attire! And there is almost no better way to do that than with a […]

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    22 Star Wars-Inspired High Heel Shoes and Flats

    Star Wars isn’t just a multi-billion dollar marketing and merchandise machine, it’s a muse for some incredibly creative people out there. We’ve already seen what some of them have been able to do with dresses, and you can bet equal attention has been paid to shoes — matching outfits, and all that. Whether you’re a […]

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    25 Disney Princess Inspired High Heel Shoes

    Standard black heels are the go-to for party dress pairing. Wouldn’t it be incredible to switch it up a bit with some Disney Princess-inspired high heels? These party-ready heels are the only ones you will want to leave your house in. The only thing missing is your prince to whisk you away to a ball […]

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    13 High Heels for Superhero Fans

    Put away the mask and cape—this year, superhero fashion is really going to put your alter ego to the test. Because that Louboutin x Marvel crossover project I’m sure you’ve been dreaming of isn’t on the horizon, a few resourceful folks have taken their craft skills and love of comics to—where else?—Etsy, creating some superhero […]

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    Stiletto Shoe Speakers Really Pump Out the Music

    We like our speakers, just like we like our shoes. We want them to be beautiful, capable, and they need to come in a selection of colors and styles. In this case these stiletto high heel Shoe Speakers might meet all of those requirements. Designed like a pair of classic high heel shoes, the shoes […]