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    Forget About Apple, Nokia’s Old Banana Phone is Back

    For a couple years now, we’ve seen the return of Nokia-branded phones. While many of them have been Android phones in the same vein as those of any other smartphone maker, there’s been something of a retro resurgence, too — at Mobile World Congress last year, we saw the Nokia 3310, a revival of the old […]

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    The Old-School Nokia 3310 Goes on Sale May 24th

    HMD’s blast from the past is finally getting release dates. The new company is licensing the Nokia name to release an updated version of the classic, famously indestructible Nokia 3310. The feature phone is starting to make its way to Europe this month, and one of its stops is going to be the UK. On […]

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    Nokia 3310 is Back and It Still Plays Snake

    As was foretold by prophecy (leak, whatever), the king is returning. The famously indestructible Nokia 3310 is getting a re-release, a fresh new paint job, and preloaded games that, if we’re being real, are still better than the ones preloaded on smartphones today. As you can see, the Nokia 3310 is still not a smartphone. […]

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    The Iconic Nokia 3310 is Coming Back

    The Nokia 3310, otherwise known as the brick for its tendency to not break, ever, is coming back. So says Evan Blass, one of the most reliable sources of phone leaks out there, in a piece for Venture Beat. The report suggests that the new Nokia 3310 will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona […]

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    Nokia Phones Are Making a Comeback

    Do you miss the sturdy-as-a-brick heyday of the Nokia feature phone? Well, those days are back. Kinda. Nokia-branded feature phones are back on sale, starting with the new Nokia 216, but they’re not being made by Nokia. Well, they kinda are. It’s a long story. Try to stay with us on this. Microsoft purchased Nokia’s […]