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    This Artist is Turning Pokémon Into Pokémonstrosities!

    Yeah, something tells me these guys wouldn’t think much of Poké Balls. Artist J.R. Coffron collaborated with a few other fan artists on this series of Pokémonstrosities — I don’t think battles between these creatures would result in anything just fainting. If you like these not-so-pocket-friendly monsters, you can check out more of Coffron’s work on his website, […]

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    Here’s What Would Happen if Pokémon Were From a Horror Movie

    To be fair, they are called pocket monsters! We usually think of Pokémon as the cute little critters hanging out with Ash or on our phones, but artist Wednesday Wolf sees something else! Their series of Pokémon fan art looks like it’s coming straight from a horror movie. Basically, imagine you were trapped in Lavender Town forever, […]

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    Haunting Photos You Will Be Thinking About For Weeks

    It’s well known that a picture is worth one thousand words. Given how creepy the photos we have rounded up below are, we think they are worth a thousand nightmares. Please don’t read this list after dark; these images are sure to haunt you in your sleep. Yes, this is truly a wall of severed […]