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    Google Acquires the Pixel Division of HTC for $1.1 Billion

    Reality has fallen a bit short of rumors that Google would acquire Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC — today, the two companies announced that Google will only acquire the division of HTC responsible for producing the Pixel smartphone, accounting for 20 percent of HTC’s workforce (about 2,000 employees). The $1.1 billion deal will also give Google non-exclusive […]

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    HTC U11 Review: Our New Squeeze

    Things have been rough for HTC on the smartphone front. Four years ago, we all lusted after the excellent HTC One (aka. M7), which pioneered the seamless aluminum unibody commonplace today and brought OIS and quality audio to Android. The One M8 introduced dual-cameras but lost some of its predecessor’s shine. By the time the […]

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    Win the HTC 10 Smartphone + 7 Days of Amazing HTC Deals

    Thanks to Valentine’s Day, February is all about red. But instead of getting that special someone roses, how about getting her something sweeter? For 7 days, HTC is showing their love by offering some super sweet deals on their phones and accessories. Specifically, they are offering $150 off the HTC 10, $200 off the HTC One […]

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    HTC Announces the U Ultra, Their All-Glass 2017 Flagship

    Usually we get hit with most of the year’s flagship Android smartphone announcements at MWC in late February, but struggling HTC wants to get a head start. With sales in the doldrums, the smartphone maker has announced the U Ultra, featuring a brand new all-glass design and premium specs. But, trouble might continue for HTC — […]

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    HTC Bolt Review

    A Sprint exclusive, the HTC Bolt is being promoted by the infamous speedster Usain Bolt, and rightfully so. That is because the HTC Bolt is one of the most affordable ways to get access to Sprint’s new LTE Plus network with 3x carrier aggregation — the phone can connect to multiple Sprint bands, prioritizing things […]

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    The HTC Bolt is a Speedy, Water-Resistant Phone Exclusive to Sprint

    HTC is coming in with another new smartphone, the HTC Bolt, just in time for the holidays. The company has partnered up with sprinter Usain Bolt to promote the new phone, but it’s the phone’s swimming abilities that might prove most attractive — it’s one of the few water-resistant Android smartphones to be released this year. […]

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    The HTC Goes Beyond Gaming With Opening of the Viveport App Store

    From the start of Oculus’s crowdfunding campaign, the current run of virtual reality machines has put gaming first. But, when Facebook bought Oculus, we started hearing more talk about other potential uses for virtual reality — movies, virtual travel, shared meeting spaces, real estate, and the list goes on for a long time. Today, HTC embraced […]

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    The HTC 10 is Now Available in Red and Gold

    When the HTC 10 first arrived in the United States, it only came in boring old silver and grey. Seeing as how pretty much everyone has at least one flashy color to help their phone stand out, that probably wasn’t a good call. Well, better late than never — HTC is introducing limited numbers of gold […]

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    The HTC Vive is Now Being Run as a Separate Company

    In a bit of corporate reshuffling today, HTC has decided to spin off their Vive VR headset business into a separate, wholly-owned company under HTC. No changes in ownership and, more than likely, no changes in strategy are necessarily in order, but the move sheds a little light on the financial situation at HTC and […]

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    HTC 10 Review

    You can call HTC’s latest flagship phone the HTC 10, because they’ve officially dropped the “One” and “M” monikers. But, besides the name change, their latest phone is not a drastic change in form from its predecessors, but one that offers plenty of refinements. The same unibody metal design that HTC was first out of the […]

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    Under Armour HealthBox Review

    Under Armour has one of the strongest names in fitness, so their latest release does not come as a surprise. They’ve partnered with HTC to create the HealthBox, the first ever connected fitness bundle. It’s the trifecta: a smart health band, a smart Wi-Fi scale, and a heart rate chest monitor. It’s everything you need […]

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    HTC 10 First Impressions

    Now that the LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, and Huawei P9 have all been unveiled, there was just one more flagship Android smartphone that needed to make its 2016 debut. Today’s the day for the HTC 10, introducing a simplified naming system along with a very competent smartphone. Of course, everyone’s competent in 2016, […]

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    HTC’s Vive Virtual Reality System Will Retail for $800

    High-powered virtual reality — not the smartphone headsets — is coming this year, with the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive all having 2016 release dates. At MWC 2016, HTC didn’t say exactly when their Vive will ship, but they did announce the price. It’s rough — $800. That’s $200 more than the Oculus […]

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    HTC One A9 is an iPhone Look-Alike Running Android 6.0

    After disappointing sales of their flagship One M9 and a spate of bad news, HTC has been in need of a drastic shift in strategy to keep itself competitive in the smartphone market. We’re not sure if the One A9 they announced today qualifies, but it seems like a step in the right direction — […]

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    Is HTC About To Go Bust?

    That things have been bad financially for HTC hasn’t been news for some time. Things are getting downright dire this week, though — a Wall Street milestone of the very worst kind along with a security flaw of the very worst kind. The setup jab came from the Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas, […]

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    HTC One M9 Gets Tatted Up for a Limited Edition Release

    Finally, a phone to match your Coachella outfit. With the help of supermodel Jourdan Dunn and artist Cally-Jo (of Rihanna body art fame), HTC is giving us a limited edition One M9 with a body art-inspired design etched into the back as part of their HTC INK campaign. I say Coachella because, with my limited […]