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    VR World Wants to Become the Leading VR Entertainment Center

    The new era of virtual reality was supposed to begin last year with the release of the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. Well, they built the hardware, but the buyers didn’t come by the numbers a lot of analysts expected — while PSVR, with over 1 million units sold, is seen as a success […]

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    Intel is Working With HTC to Make the Vive VR Headset Wireless

    Running virtual reality requires transferring a huge amount of data from a PC to a headset at breakneck speeds. Whole 360-degree worlds — and all the action within them — need to be put in front of your eyes almost immediately, or even the most steely stomached among us are going to feel a little queasy. So, […]

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    The HTC Goes Beyond Gaming With Opening of the Viveport App Store

    From the start of Oculus’s crowdfunding campaign, the current run of virtual reality machines has put gaming first. But, when Facebook bought Oculus, we started hearing more talk about other potential uses for virtual reality — movies, virtual travel, shared meeting spaces, real estate, and the list goes on for a long time. Today, HTC embraced […]

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    The HTC Vive is Now Being Run as a Separate Company

    In a bit of corporate reshuffling today, HTC has decided to spin off their Vive VR headset business into a separate, wholly-owned company under HTC. No changes in ownership and, more than likely, no changes in strategy are necessarily in order, but the move sheds a little light on the financial situation at HTC and […]

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    IKEA Has Opened Their First Virtual Reality Showroom

    Sadly, virtual reality can’t fully replicate the IKEA experience until the smell of Swedish meatballs can be accurately generated, but we’ll take this for the time being. IKEA has gotten together with HTC and Valve to create a virtual kitchen showroom that you can explore from home using the HTC Vive. On its face, the […]

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    HTC’s Vive Virtual Reality System Will Retail for $800

    High-powered virtual reality — not the smartphone headsets — is coming this year, with the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive all having 2016 release dates. At MWC 2016, HTC didn’t say exactly when their Vive will ship, but they did announce the price. It’s rough — $800. That’s $200 more than the Oculus […]