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    Our 5 Favorite Gadgets of 2017

    We go through a lot of gadgets around here from year to year, but when it’s time to look back, a few of them always rise to the top — the things we keep on using long after the review’s been written, and the things we miss having once we’ve got to send them back! This […]

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    Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review – Smarter Than Your Average Phone?

    In the world of Android smartphones, Huawei is pretty interesting. They used to make mainly budget smartphones, but over the past few years they’ve created some very powerful premium devices. They’ve come to excel in battery life in particular — despite being high-end, very fast phones, devices in their Mate line regularly last a whole day, […]

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    Here’s Why Huawei’s Upcoming Phones Could Be Exciting for AI Development

    Qualcomm just about dominates the world of Android smartphones — if you’ve got a premium Android device in your hand, it’s almost definitely got a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset inside. Lately, the most notable exception (besides Samsung Galaxy phones sold in other markets) has been Huawei. The Chinese company designs their own chipsets, which include just about […]

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    Huawei Made a KFC Phone Just for China

    Internationally, the only fast food chain as easy to find as McDonald’s is KFC, and that certainly holds true in China. There’s enough appreciation for the Colonel there to warrant a special edition smartphone. If only Happy Meal toys were this good! Unfortunately, the phone doesn’t come for free with the order of a 20-piece […]

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    Huawei MateBook X Review

    Usually I’d advise against buying a first generation effort, regardless of brand or device. That’s especially true for new device categories, but it still holds true for established machines like laptops. When a company jumps in for the first time, there are almost always little pitfalls and snags that arise from a lack of experience […]

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    The Honor 9 Looks an Awful Lot Like a Premium Smartphone

    We’re used to viewing Honor as Huawei’s budget brand here in the States, but that might be changing with the Honor 9. Announced today in Berlin for the western world, the Honor 9 looks a lot like the Huawei P10 on the inside, but with a shiny exterior that resembles last year’s Honor 8. The phone […]

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    Huawei Watch 2 Review

    Early last year I checked out the Huawei Watch. It was Huawei’s debut smartwatch, and the Chinese company went for style, using metal builds with colors like gold to try to create a smartwatch that would actually look good with a nice outfit. I wasn’t totally convinced. Part of that was because of Android Wear, […]

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    Huawei P10 Review

    Huawei has completely turned their brand around in the last few years, going from a small time maker of budget Android handsets to one of the biggest makers of premium smartphones in the world. While their hardware has more or less caught up to the rest of the industry, it’s largely been Huawei’s focus on style […]

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    The Huawei Watch 2 is Available in the United States Starting Today

    When Huawei unveiled their new flagship P10 smartphone at Mobile World Congress, they also showed off their latest smartwatch — the Huawei Watch 2. While the P10 is the usual slight upgrade, the Huawei Watch 2 represents a pretty big departure from the original, moving from something fashion-focused to a fitness-first wearable. Historically, Huawei hasn’t […]

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    The Huawei P10 Has a Skittles Bag’s Worth of Color Options

    Most premium Android phones are more or less the same these days. For the past couple years, phone makers have been trying to find differentiation anywhere they can — battery size, camera quality, clever uses for the fingerprint sensor, and whatever else. Well, the Huawei P10 announced this weekend at Mobile World Congress has another idea — […]

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    The Honor 8 is Getting Updated to Android Nougat and EMUI 5.0

    Usually we don’t make too big of a deal about Android updates, but today bears especially good news for Honor 8 owners. Huawei is now rolling out the excellent midrange phone‘s Android Nougat update. More importantly, that means the Honor 8 is getting Huawei’s updated EMUI 5.0 overlay, and as we’ve seen on newer phones […]

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    Huawei Honor 6X Review

    CES 2017 was a good show for anyone looking for cheaper phones with solid performance and premium features. The two best options we saw were the ZTE Blade V8 Pro and the Honor 6X, from Huawei’s lower-cost sub-brand. Both featured dual-camera arrays on the rear, marking a first for midrange phones, while stuffing the spec […]

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    Honor 6X Offers a Killer Smartphone Value for Under $250

    Last year, when Huawei announced their Honor 8 smartphone, we were expecting a follow-up to the more affordable Honor 5X from late 2015. Looks like they saved it for CES — Huawei has just announced the Honor 6X, a $250 smartphone that includes premium features like a dual-camera array on the back. Better yet, Huawei’s giving […]

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    Huawei Mate 9 Review

    We’ve reviewed a whole lot of phones this year, but very quietly, one of our favorites has remained a device that came out early in the year. The Huawei Mate 8 wasn’t perfect — Huawei’s EMUI overlay had a lot of problems and the graphics performance was lackluster — but as a pure productivity device, it was nearly […]

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    Huawei Fit Review

    The relatively young wearable market is already showing signs of slowdown. Sales are down 50 percent year over year, while current-era smartwatch pioneer Pebble was stripped down and sold off for parts in the face of mounting debt and declining sales. For fitness trackers and smartwatches (and there’s a lot of overlap), it’s becoming increasingly […]