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    Kia Niro 2017 Hybrid Crossover – Ready to Take on the Prius

    The Kia Niro is having a great week — its commercial starring Melissa McCarthy was one of the best of Super Bowl LI. But the commercial isn’t just hilarious. It speaks volumes as to what the Niro is about — that it’s a truly eco-friendly CUV. Size differences aside, the Toyota Prius (especially with the Prius […]

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    Novero Introduces Solana, the Laptop/Tablet Hybrid at MWC 2012

    As interesting as a laptop-tablet hybrid presentation might sound, that might not even be the most intriguing part about the Novero Solana, unveiled today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. That distinction might go to the other hybrid aspect of the Solana – users can switch between Windows 7 and Android for business and pleasure, […]

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    BMW i8 Concept Car Will Have You Eating its Hybrid Dust

    Yesterday, BMW showcased their two upcoming hybrid cars, the i3 Electric Car and the i8 Hybrid-Electric Car, in New York City, and they are nothing short of stunning, in terms of performance and design. In all aspects, these two promise to be the cars of the future. And, if you’re one to be sold on […]

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    Lexus Hybrid CT 200h Launches Dark Ride Interactive Movie

    You know when you go to Disney Land or any amusement park there is always that ride that you can immerse yourself into as if you are actually flying the Star Trek Enterprise or taking a road trip in the outback. Well Lexus is looking to submerge you into that same type of experience. Released […]