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    IDF 2012 Wrap-Up with Hands-on Video

      Intel’s Developer Forum (AKA IDF 2012) in San Francisco has just wrapped up, and this year Intel used the conference as a platform to show off what will be hot in computing over the next 12 months. On the show floor Intel was showing off all sorts of new form-factors, from a myriad of PC […]

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    Adaptive All-in-One Desktops: A New Species of Computing

    There is a new hybrid of computers soon to be released into the wild: The Adaptive All-in-One Desktop. This concept basically takes the current all-in-one, like an iMac, and adds multi-touch capabilities and a more portable form factor. While some of the Adaptive AOIs differ in function, the one that caught our eye is the […]

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    Intel Shows Off Next-Generation of Coca-Cola Machines

    FINALLY, it seems that vending machines will be catching up with the tech-world we live in today. Ever ask yourself why you still need cash and change to use a vending machine? Where’s the credit card love? Intel has thrusted vending machines to the next level with their latest Coca-Cola machine, already released in South […]

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    Intel Shows off Future of Shopping and Other Innovative Designs

    It’s just day one here at Intel’s Developer Forum, and we’ve already seen quite a few futuristic and innovative design concepts. A lot of what we’ve seen is technology you may expect from the future, but it’s neat to see it in action. So far we’ve seen: Interactive Shopping, Line of Sight Marketing, Situational Sensitive […]

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    Turn Any Wall into a Full-Sized Touch Screen Display with Kinect

    Here we are at Day 1 of Intel Developer Forum witnessing some fabulous proof-of-concept designs. The first concept to really catch our eye is Intel’s “Display without Boundaries”, where Intel turns any surface into a fully capable multi-touch screen. That means you can turn any wall, table, or item into a touch-screen device that recognizes […]