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    IKEA Has Opened Their First Virtual Reality Showroom

    Sadly, virtual reality can’t fully replicate the IKEA experience until the smell of Swedish meatballs can be accurately generated, but we’ll take this for the time being. IKEA has gotten together with HTC and Valve to create a virtual kitchen showroom that you can explore from home using the HTC Vive. On its face, the […]

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    IKEA’s Wireless Charging Furniture is Finally Here

    Remember all that great IKEA furniture with the built-in wireless charging pads from a few months ago? Well, grab a golf pencil and your appetite for Swedish meatballs, because they’re finally available. IKEA has gone with the Qi standard for wireless charging, which is built into many flagship phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and […]

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    IKEA Emoticon App Makes Deciding on a Couch Less Painful

    Emoticons and emojis have been on the rise for a while, but I’m going to go ahead and say 2015 is going to be their year. Everyone’s going to be making their own sets of emojis, and by December, emoji or emoticon is going to be named the word of the year, assuming that we’re […]

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    IKEA EXPEDIT Gets New Name, Design and Arrival Date – CONFIRMED

    Apparently, the earth was ripped asunder and the four horsemen rode forth yesterday, and I wasn’t aware. Indeed, the very well-structured, symmetrical, do-it-yourself foundations of our civilization have been reduced to rubble – IKEA is discontinuing the EXPEDIT shelving system. I’ll wait for your panic attack to subside before continuing. Actually, everything is going to […]

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    IKEA Uppleva – the First All-in-One TV and Console System

    We’ve seen a few companies this year make unexpected leaps into the high-tier tech market (Huawei, for one), but this one manages to come as a surprise. The master of DIY furniture, IKEA, is now selling a television. And believe it or not, it’s no joke – at least, from what we know so far.

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    IKEA Loves Their Cardboard Boxes in New Ad Campaign

    A brand new IKEA marketing campaign is about to kick off, and it looks like a celebration of the DIY culture that the self-styled “Life Improvement Store” has established. AUGE HEADQUARTER, the advertising agency behind the new marketing push for the Swedish company, constructed models of IKEA furniture built out of the cardboard boxes they […]