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    Lexon’s Latest Radio Takes Design Cues from a Wicker Chair?

    How do you keep gadgets on the edge of obsolescence relevant? With good design! Take this AM/FM radio—traditional radio might be becoming passe, but at least it’s coming in a package that looks like it should be thrown in your picnic basket. The Hybrid AM/FM radio was designed by Mathieu Lehanneur. The wraparound wicker exterior […]

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    Lookee TV Desktop TV-WiFi Internet TV and Radio Player

    Lookee TV is a Wi-Fi connected Portable or Desktop Internet TV and radio Player which allows you to watch over 1,000 TV channels and listen to over 30,000 radio stations and podcasts throughout the world…You can play any of those TV channels and radio stations collected and directed from the Lookee server. The best part […]

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    Aluratek Internet Radio Review

    Amid the vast amounts of internet radios & MP3 speakers, there is the Aluratek AIRMM02F Internet Radio with its built-in alarm clock, and built-in wifi. This product certainly falls into the lower echelon in compared to what many other alarm clock combos offer. It has a nice slim appearance, and a pretty decent sound quality.

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    Radio Gaga Software Records Internet Radio Stations to MP3

    No, this isn’t another post centered on Lady Gaga. Although we do like talking about her a lot, this is a different Gaga altogether. Radio Gaga is a software app for Mac that lets you record internet radio stations as MP3s. It will let you schedule recordings for you when you’re away, and you can […]