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    The Job Rocker Bluetooth Speaker is Tougher than Nails

    iON’s Job Rocker is a wireless Bluetooth 50-Watt speaker with a hearty rechargeable battery that can handle up to 50 hours of play time and a tough as nails exterior that can handle the grit in a gritty working environment like a construction site. Even without access to outlets, this speaker can go and keep […]

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    Sound Lounge Ottoman Speakers Sit You in the Sound

    Do I listen to it or sit on it? Both! iON’s new Sound Lounge is an Ottoman with built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. It makes smart use of space and sound. This makes a great addition to any living room. Kick up your feet, lay back, and listen. The Ottoman looks like your classic, run […]

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    Protect Your Ears with Tough Sounds Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    Tough Sounds wireless bluetooth headphones are multi-use with swift deep sounds when on, and incredible noise reduction technology when off, making them a safe haven for your ears. Experience noise reduction of 22 decibels, perfect for loud city streets, subways, or just mowing the lawn. Turn them on an hop through the peaks and crests […]

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    Raise the Roof With Party Rocker 2, Block Party, and Party Starter

    ION wants to pump your parties up with three new all-in-one party sound systems. The Party Rocker 2 comes with a free app so you can control the color and bounce of the dance lights. The Block Party is perfect for outside bashes, with a long lasting rechargeable battery built-in, wheels, and a easy to […]

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    Cassette Bluetooth Adapter Makes Your DeLorean Bluetooth Compatible

    Some cars stick around like taffy in teeth. While some people love and nurture their old cars, others are stuck with them as grateful teenagers with their first hunk o’ junk.  But everybody loves music while driving, which is why this delightful little adapter is perfect for anyone in the dilemma of having an old […]