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    Apple May Introduce Three Kind of New iPads Next Year

    New is a relative term in the world of tablets and smartphones. As the mobile market has matured, smartphones have settled down into regular, incremental yearly refresh cycles. According to a report from AppleInsider, that will hold true next year for the iPad, with three tablets that will look and feel familiar. But, that same report […]

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    BLOK Cases Protect Your iPad Air 2 From Pretty Much Anything

    Tablets might not be on the PC-killer trajectory anymore, with iPad sales tailing off in recent months. But, there’s still a lot of you out there grabbing Apple’s latest tablet, and you might be in the market for a protective case. Logitech hears you, and they got serious about it with their new BLOK line. […]

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    Urbana Mini Slim Handbag for iPad Screams Urban Chic

    One of the best parts about the growth in luxury devices has been the growth in gorgeous designer handbags to carry them. Moshi was one of the first design houses to specialize in tech-savvy handbags with their Urbana line, which is getting an iPhone 6-friendly entry in the Urbana Mini Slim Handbag. The Urbana Mini […]

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    Finally a Smart Gadget Bag for Women, Meet Knomo Elektronista

    Thanks to a partnership with Elektronista (a.k.a. Christiane Vejlø, a tech blogger based in Copenhagen), Knomo has produced one of their most stylish and functional bags yet. Christiane had several goals when she set out to work with Knomo on this project. “On the inside, women’s bags look the same as they did back in the […]

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    ShowerTunes is a Shower Curtain with Speakers

    It’s turning into a veritable horse race with all these shower-friendly speakers hitting the market, but not since the Kohler Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead of 2012 have we seen one as clever as ShowerTunes. ShowerTunes brings your music into the shower without taking up valuable shower real estate by tucking a speaker system into a shower […]

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    4 Surprising Business Uses for the iPad

    There’s something satisfying about using a tablet platform. The buttons are responsive, the screen allows your fingers to glide around and move colorful icons, and the scaled-down nature of the device makes it seem like more of a fun gadget than a business accessory. But as companies from engineering firms to retail giants are beginning […]

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    Finally! A Remote Desktop for iPhone that Makes Sense

    For anyone looking to access their desktop on the go, Parallels just opened up availability of their Access app to a few new platforms. The app is now available for Android phones and tablets and the iPhone – it was previously only available for the iPad. Parallels Access lets you access your desktop – PC […]

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    Microsoft Office Arrives on iPad

    Microsoft has made a lot of noise about their services over the past year, especially where Office is concerned. We’ve seen Office go into the cloud as a service, and we’ve seen Office apps on just about every platform imaginable. All except for one, that is. Well, that’s finally changed – Microsoft Office is now […]

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    Collaborate in Real Time with Minute iPad App for Meetings

    Minute is a brand new app launching in the United Kingdom, aimed at making meetings more useful for everyone. Supposedly, the app was inspired by the fact that over one-third of the population of the U.K. uses a tablet at least once per month, which is pretty incredible for a device category that more or […]

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    iTOi Booth Turns iPad Into a Teleprompter of Sorts

    The hottest new gadget in Yuppie tech has finally arrived.  The inexplicably massive iTOi is made to facilitate video chat, but at what cost to your desk space and sense of style? The device, which looks like it came out of Fisher-Price’s professional department, is essentially a stand for your iPad. The iTOi, primarily, does […]

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    AluBolt is the World’s Nicest Lightning Dock

    These iPhone stands just keep getting more and more snazzy. Just Mobile has yet another entry into the minimalist industrial design school of iPhone docks, and this one might be the best yet. The AluBolt is (of course it is) made of aluminum, and features a slick curved stand that props up the iPhone 5/5S. […]