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    Urbana Mini Slim Handbag for iPad Screams Urban Chic

    One of the best parts about the growth in luxury devices has been the growth in gorgeous designer handbags to carry them. Moshi was one of the first design houses to specialize in tech-savvy handbags with their Urbana line, which is getting an iPhone 6-friendly entry in the Urbana Mini Slim Handbag. The Urbana Mini […]

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    Finally a Smart Gadget Bag for Women, Meet Knomo Elektronista

    Thanks to a partnership with Elektronista (a.k.a. Christiane Vejlø, a tech blogger based in Copenhagen), Knomo has produced one of their most stylish and functional bags yet. Christiane had several goals when she set out to work with Knomo on this project. “On the inside, women’s bags look the same as they did back in the […]

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    Notchbook iPad Air Case Review

    There hasn’t been much new in the way of iPad cases in a while. That is until now. Check out the new Notchbook case from Chil. What makes it different? They’ve added a ‘notch’ or flap in the case to make it easier to hold. Sometimes you need to open your case to use your […]

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    Gumdrop DropTech Color iPad Air Case Review

    Sometimes you need a little extra protection for your iPad. Perhaps you are using it outdoors or you are worried about it slipping from your child’s hands. In either case, you’ll need a heavy duty case like the Gumdrop DropTech Color. This case is very well built, with a rugged, tire tread pattern to improve […]

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    Get a Grip with the Notchbook Case for iPad Air

    Tablet cases aren’t always the most comfortable things to hold. I’m already imagining an infomercial where a frustrated man tries to cradle his iPad case in his open hand, all for it to slip out and fall to the floor, knocking a cup of coffee out of his other hand. What a mess! Fortunately, there’s […]

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    iTOi Booth Turns iPad Into a Teleprompter of Sorts

    The hottest new gadget in Yuppie tech has finally arrived.  The inexplicably massive iTOi is made to facilitate video chat, but at what cost to your desk space and sense of style? The device, which looks like it came out of Fisher-Price’s professional department, is essentially a stand for your iPad. The iTOi, primarily, does […]

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    Incipio Watson iPad Air Case Review

    When choosing a new case, you need to decide on either full coverage or just a shell. The trouble is, sometimes you want the extra protection, while other times you prefer the lightweight shell. Luckily, Incipio has just the right type of case – and it’s their new Watson Folio wallet with removable case. As […]

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    Speck StyleFolio iPad Air Case Review

    The new iPad air is so sleek and light, the last thing you want to do is cover it up with a bulky case. For a slimmer option, check out the new StyleFolio from Speck. This case is lightweight and adds minimal bulk to the thickness of the iPad. But at the same time you […]

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    Tote Around Your iPad in the Kit from Louis Vuitton

    If designer tablet sleeves haven’t vaulted their way up into the holiday pantheon of designer handbags, video game consoles, and computing devices, then they’re clearly well on their way. Take the Louis Vuitton Kit, which will surely be one of the finest ways to tote your (perhaps new) tablet around in style. The Kit features […]

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    Paul Frank iPhone 5S and iPad Cases Are Here

    There’s a brand new collection of Paul Frank cases on Uncommon for you to browse, all ready to protect the brand new iPhones and iPads that will be coming home this holiday season. The Uncommon collection features pretty standard Paul Frank fare, with Julius the monkey emblazoned all over the hard cases. That said, this […]

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    BookBook Travel Journal For the iPad Air is a Must Read

      It may look as thick as Stephen King’s The Stand, but we can guarantee it will make a lot more sense carrying this around than that 1152 page novel ever did. The BookBook Travel Journal will certainly grab the attention of fellow bookworms and techies alike, especially after you unzip this baby. The leather […]

  • T-Mobile Unleashes Tablets at Tweet Conference

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    iPad Air Will Be Free at T-Mobile on November 1st

    T-Mobile had two big pieces of tablet news to announce yesterday, and it’s no coincidence that they both come on the heels of the iPad Air reveal. Even better, some of that news involves free data. Free data for life, in fact. Or, for however long T-Mobile keeps it up, I guess. Either way, it’s […]

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    9 Must Have Cases For the iPad Air and iPad Mini

    If you’re already lusting after the lighter, thinner iPad Air announced this week, you’re gonna need a new case to protect that fragile form factor. The leading case makers are frantically working on that, with most of them announcing cases and accessories that are expected to arrive just in time for the November release date. A […]