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    Incipio Lexington Case for iPad Mini with Retina – Review

    Looking for a stylish, sophisticated case for your iPad Mini Retina? Then check out the Lexington Kickstand Folio case from Incipio. Like many of Incipio’s cases, this case is made out of a combination of their Plextonium, microsuede and Vegan (faux) leather. The rigid Plextonium used for the hard shell frame is sturdy with just enough […]

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    Belkin APEX360 for iPad Mini Review

    Are you looking for a case to really protect your new iPad Mini with Retina Display, but don’t want to add a lot of unnecessary weight? The Belkin APEX360 may be the perfect choice. It promises great protection from falls and also boasts a few unique features. The case itself is made from a rubberized […]

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    Speck HandyShell for iPad Mini Review

    I’ve always been weary of iPad cases without a front cover, until I met the Speck HandyShell for iPad Mini–the most usable case I’ve ever used. The HandyShell is a formfitting iPad case that has an extremely sturdy handle/stand. With the HandyShell there’s no fiddling around to get the perfect viewing angle. You can literally […]

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    Case Scenario’s Pantone Universe iPad Mini Case Review

    Pantone is taking over the world one Apple device at a time, thanks to Case Scenario. Pantone is the “authority on color” while Case Scenario is a top notch case manufacturer that’s earned our affection earlier this year with their Pantone iPhone 5 case. Already there’s Pantone Macbook, iPhone, and iPad cases, and here we […]

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    Sena Cases Vettra iPad Mini Case Review

    Sena Cases describes the Vettra case for iPad Mini as thin, elegant and seamless, and that is right on target. This case is one of the most luxurious and classy cases you can get for the iPad Mini, all without breaking the bank. The case is designed book-style in a high quality smooth leather. The […]

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    Oberon Design Leather iPad Mini Case Review

    If you went back in time to the Renaissance with your iPad Mini, there’s a good chance you’d leave with a case very similar to the Oberon Design Leather iPad Mini Case. This intricately crafted case is made using old school leather artistry and sports a number of iconic designs in a 3D engraved-like design. […]

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    Pad & Quill Graduate Artist Case for iPad Mini Review

    There is something so right about the feel of a book. It hearkens back to moments of learned inspiration. Pad and Quill captures that and encapsulates the iPad Mini in it, without adding much bulk, leaving just the right amount of heart. We got our hands on a Graduate Artist case for the iPad Mini […]

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    Speck CandyShell and CandyShell Grip for iPad Mini Review

    Speck’s CandyShell has been the go-to iPhone case for years now. Now we’re going hands-on with the Speck CandyShell and CandyShell Grip for iPad Mini to see if it lives up to the CandyShell name. The Speck CandyShell and CandyShell Grip for iPad Mini are basically the same awesome case with one exception, the Grip […]

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    Kavaj Berlin Leather Case for iPad Mini Review

    Forget everything you know about leather iPad cases. The new Kavaj Berlin Case for iPad Mini is exactly how an authentic leather case should look and feel. There’s no extra bulk, no handicap, and best of all, no outrageous price tag. The Kavaj Berlin for iPad Mini is a very sleek portfolio case available in […]

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    STM Skinny Case for iPad Mini Review

    STM goes skinny for mini, and doesn’t skimp out on the features. STM’s new Skinny Case for iPad Mini is an adaptation from their full sized model. It features a sleek design, superb protection, magnetic auto-wake smart cover, and very sturdy multi-angle stand. The STM Skinny is a portfolio case with a form fitting plastic […]

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    Uniq March Case for iPad Mini Review

    Since when did stripes look so good!? Uniq’s March Case for iPad Mini is pretty much as good as it gets, smart design, good production, built-in dual-mode stand, magnetic smart-lock cover and color options. The March Case stopped us in our tracks as we passed the Uniq booth at CES. The design is simple, but […]

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    TwelveSouth BookBook for iPad Mini Review

    For iPad 3, TwelveSouth’s BookBook was the ultimate case which we highly recommended to friends and family. Now that it’s available for iPad Mini, we’ve gone hands on for a review. BookBook is quite possibly the best looking, most unique, and even most protective cases out there. It’s disguised as a very realistic vintage leather […]

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    M-Edge Incline 360 iPad Mini Case Review

    For a while now, M-Edge has been producing fantastic iPad cases with some of the most creative stands. Their Incline 360 iPad Mini Case is the first iPad Mini case we’ve seen to pull off the landscape AND portrait standing mode. Plus it even works at multiple angles. While we love M-Edge for it’s nice […]

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    Incipio NGP iPad Mini Case Review

    The Incipio NGP shell for iPad Mini is pretty much as simple as it gets while offering iPad complete protection. The form fitting shell is grippy, comfortable, and lightweight, plus it comes with an adhesive screen protector. The Incipio NGP shell is impact-resistant semi-rigid casing; it’s thin but protective. It’s flexible enough to easily apply […]

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    Cygnett FlexiGel iPad Mini Case Review

    Maybe all iPad Mini needs is a bit of back protection, much like your iPhone. That’s what Cygnett delivers with the FlexiGel. It’s a minimalistic back shell with a very smooth finish that offers some nice protection and an enhanced grip. The FlexiGel is pretty much what it sounds like, a flexible, jelly type case. […]

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    Cygnett Engima Case for iPad Mini Review

    Cygnett’s Engima Case for iPad Mini offers a unique alternative design to the traditional iPad case. This folio-style case has a cover which sports an original folding design that can’t help remind us of folding a paper airplane. That said, the cover offers a fun alternative to the traditional folding style case cover, and it […]

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    X-Doria SmartJacket for iPad Mini Review

    The X-Doria SmartJacket for iPad Mini might just have it all. A snazzy design, ultra-sleek form, built-in stand, magnetic smart cover, and all around protection. It doesn’t get much better than that! The cover on the SmartJacket is just like Apple’s Smart Cover. It has the built-in tri-folding stand that props iPad Mini at two […]