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    iStrike Stylus Will Set Your iPad on Fire

    Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to play with matches? Especially when in close proximity with an expensive gadget? Well thanks to the iStrike Stylus from Fred Flare you can strike a match, or rather strike a scribble on your iPad or iPhone using a stylus that looks like a match you would find […]

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    TouchTec II iPad / iPhone Stylus and Ballpoint Pen Review

    A while back we reviewed TouchTec’s Pen iPhone/iPad Stylus. The TouchTec Pen is a pen that doubles as a stylus for touchscreen devices. TouchTec has now released an update to their pen. As a stand-alone ballpoint pen, the latest TouchTec pen continues to look sharp and professional, especially in black. We also appreciate its slim […]

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    oStylus Drawing Stylus Review – for iPad, iPhone and Touchscreens

    We’ve reviewed more than a few capacitive styluses for iPad & iPhone and touchscreens, and they’ve never been all that impressive. While some of them have been very nice, they have all lacked accuracy. Instead of a fine tip, like a pen, they have large round tips. This makes it hard to accurately register touch […]