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    iWrench is Ready to Get its Grips on the iPhone 4

    First there was the iPlunge iPhone stand that works by just plunging the back of your iPhone. Now there is the iWrench which looks like a plumbers wrench. I’m starting to see a theme with all of these accessories. Either there is an obsession for making accessories for our iPhone that have to do with […]

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    iStuck iPhone Stand Looks Like Bubblicious Gum

    I hate gum…in fact I despise it. It sticks to the bottom of your shoes in the Summer, people stick it under tables, and don’t get me started on those big bubbles that teenagers and kids like to blow….~shivers~ So the iStuck is as close as I will get to a piece of chewing gum […]

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    Clever Stand Tries to Be Clever for the iPhone 4

    We had written about the Sniper iPhone 4 stand and the same people behind that, have now developed the Clever Stand. The concept is basically the same, to be a small compact and portable stand for your iPhone 4 or any iPhone or iPod Touch device. The overall quality looks a bit better than the […]