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    iPod Nano is Cheaper and Cooler Than Ever with 1.2 Update

    The coolest part of the revision to the iPod Nano might be the price point – now $130 for the 8 GB model and $150 for the 16 GB model. Lower prices for those looking to enter the world of Apple figured largely into the company’s news conference today in Cupertino, with the iPod Nano […]

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    Griffin PowerDock Dual for iPad and iPhone Review

    How many households own both an iPhone and iPad nowadays? Multiple Apple iOS devices are becoming common place in the home, so stand-alone docks and stands can’t always cut it. Personally, my desk feels disorganized with my iPhone lying around on one side, and my iPad sitting up in a stand on the other. Griffin’s […]

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    Griffin Wristlet Makes it Easy to Lose the iPod Nano 6g

    Sure, the new iPod Nano 6g is certainly adorable, but I can already foresee these little fellas getting lost all around the city, kinda just like the bed bugs going around.  So I find it amusing when cases are designed to enable this to happen even more. Despite the cuteness of the new Wristlet from […]