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    Someone Finally Invented the Banana for Lazy People

    I like bananas. Great source of potassium, gets you moving! Know what sucks, though? The peel. You have to take it off, sometimes you mush up the banana when you’re trying to peel it, it’s just a mess. Want to eat one on the go? Better have a place to toss that peel, unless you […]

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    This Japanese Company is About to Make Digital Assistants a Lot More Personal

    You know the big names — Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and the admittedly nameless Google Assistant. They’re the digital assistants making our lives a little easier, while low-key getting us ready for the days when talking to robots will be totally normal. Well, in a month you can add one more name to that list thanks to […]

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    Ice Cream Katana Swords Are a Thing in Japan

    If we truly lived in a just world, everyone would get to eat ice cream all the time and no one would do bad or mean stuff to anyone else. Maybe that’s the dream behind Japan’s latest sweet treat — ice cream katanas. As if Japan didn’t already solidify its position as dessert champion with its […]

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    Amazon Boxes Make Adorable Manga Figures

    This guy’s actually from a manga (Yotsuba&!, and I’m not sure exactly how you’re supposed to say that, with the ampersand in there), but even if you know nothing about it, you can probably safely look past that detail if you just really like seeing Amazon boxes. And, hey, who doesn’t? Every one is like […]

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    Face Slimmer Mouthpiece Will Make You Look Like a Cartoon

    Wow… it just doesn’t get any better than this now does it! The Face Slimmer Mouth Exercise Mouthpiece is a new Japanese gadget that if used correctly, will make your face tight and firm without the need of Botox injections or going under the knife. We are talking about movie star quality looks here without […]

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    Otamatone Mini Stretches the Limits as a Musical Instrument

    Maybe you’ve caught wind of the Otamatone, maybe you haven’t. I’ll let you throw it into your YouTube search bar and judge for yourself. The original Otamatone is an odd “musical instrument” from Japan shaped like an elongated musical note. The neck has a long slider bar, while the Otamatone is “played” by squeezing the […]

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    Scosche RDTX-PRO Transforms the iPhone into a Radiation Detector

    We have seen some crazy iPhone add-on accessories in our time, but this latest isn’t all that crazy. Scosche has just announced the RDTX-PRO is a Radiation Detector for the iPhone and iPod Touch that works in conjunction with a special app called radTEST. It is being launched today in Japan. The radiation detector is […]

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    Tokyoflash Radiation Level LED is a Concept Watch, For Now

    How apropos for someone to submit a watch design to Tokyoflash that would look like it’s measuring radioactivity. The person submitting the entry just happens to be from Japan as well… so perhaps this is a subliminal message of sorts. The design of the watch is also actuality similar to a previous watch that Tokyoflash […]

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    iPad 2 Launch Gets Delayed in Japan

    Unfortunately, this will hardly come as a surprise to Apple fans, but Apple has delayed the launch of the iPad 2 in Japan. Initially, the Japanese launch was set for March 25th, but in the wake of Japan’s recent 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the following tsunamis, Apple has decide to reschedule.

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    Verizon and AT&T Wireless Both Make Calls Free to Japan

    The two bigs, AT&T and Verizon Wireless, have both announced that in order to help out with the earthquake and tsunami aftermath efforts, their wireless customers can now make free calls to Japan. For Verizon post-paid customers, this offer is good from March 11th through April 10th, and it also includes free text messages to […]

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    Google Launches Person Finder for Japan Earthquake

    Google has launched yet another Person Finder database. This time it’s designed to help people locate family and friends who might be missing in the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and series of tsunamis that are currently hitting Japan.