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    Ikea Australia Makes Kanye West Look Like a Fool on Facebook

    Today in obscure corporate Facebook accounts, we have Ikea Australia (there’s one for every country Ikea is in, best I can tell) coming at Kanye West, kind of. Calling it beef is too strong — it’s hard to classify it, actually, but I think that captures Kanye West, the man, the musician, and the social media user, pretty well. […]

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    Kanye West Conveniently Caught Using Torrents to Pirate Software

    It looks like Kanye West has egg on his face, but with his recent Twitter strategy, it’s mostly likely us playing the fools. The latest Kanye hijinks come by way of a photo he tweeted of himself listening to Sufjan Stevens on YouTube. Dig deeper, and you find a photo so over the top that […]

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    Pirates Practically Laugh At Kanye West For His Tidal Exclusive

    Kanye West’s apparent (who knows anymore, really?) decision to make his new album, The Life of Pablo, a permanent Tidal exclusive is backfiring in one pretty predictable way. The album is now setting records, but not any records that are going to get West out of his apparent (again, ???) $53 million debt — according […]