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    Kia Niro 2017 Hybrid Crossover – Ready to Take on the Prius

    The Kia Niro is having a great week — its commercial starring Melissa McCarthy was one of the best of Super Bowl LI. But the commercial isn’t just hilarious. It speaks volumes as to what the Niro is about — that it’s a truly eco-friendly CUV. Size differences aside, the Toyota Prius (especially with the Prius […]

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    6 of the Geekiest Super Bowl Commercials from Sunday’s Game

    Super Bowl LI went down yesterday, alongside the some odd million dollar commercials and a very on-point halftime show from Lady Gaga and Intel. We also got to see the continuation of the more recent tradition of at least a few people at the party complaining that the commercials aren’t as good as they used […]

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    Taking the 2017 Kia Cadenza for a Test Drive

    Kia’s larger-sized sedan, the Cadenza, has been revamped for 2017. Kia’s luxury sedan is one of its lesser known vehicles, but like with most of Kia’s models, it’s on the upswing. Kia’s done great jobs with their Sorento, Sportage, Optima, and Sedona, and that general level of quality is reflected in the redesigned Cadenza. This […]

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    2017 Kia Sportage SX Turbo Review

    Kia has been making reliable, quality cars for a long time, but form always seemed to come second to function. When I think of a Kia of the ’00s, no-frills motoring and a great value come to mind. Fast forward a few years and what a difference a couple design cycles make! The 2017 Kia […]

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    2017 Kia Sportage Drive Impressions

    For better or worse, things are on the upswing for gas guzzlers thanks to the rapid decline in the price of oil. While the age of Hummers and massive SUVs might not ever come back, it’s a good time for the smaller CUVs — a utility vehicle built on a car frame. Enter the Kia […]

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    2014 Kia Soul is a Still a Party Animal on Wheels: Review

    Don’t be fooled by how cute this cubular shaped car is, because when it comes to driving, the Soul packs a punch and really performs. To that effect, the 2014 Kia Soul has upped the ante by using better quality materials, increasing the shock absorption, and increasing the rigidity by 28.7%. Kia has also redesigned […]

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    2014 Kia Cadenza Survives Las Vegas: Review

    If you want to abuse a car, take it to Las Vegas. And then make sure it has an insurmountable amount of people exiting and entering the car. Make sure it has a enough cup holders, USB ports for charging, and Bluetooth connectivity for people to share their music from any seat in the car. […]

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    Test Driving the 2014 Kia Soul

    The hamsters are back and they’re looking better than ever in the new transformed Kia Soul. The 2014 Kia Soul comes sporting more or less the same iconic design as the outgoing model, but it’s also a bit more sophisticated. To that effect, Kia has upped the ante with the Soul by using better quality […]

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    2014 Kia Forte Sports Luxury Features on the Cheap

    The Kia Forte has gotten a facelift for 2014. The sedan was first introduced back in 2010, and this year it has been revamped and re-engineered. The first thing you’ll notice about the new Forte is its curvier, more modern and organic exterior lines, that have actually been influenced by European sport sedan styling. Kia […]

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    2012 Kia Soul Review: Time To Roll Like a Hamster

    Fun! That is what the Kia Soul is. Despite the Hamster commercials, the Kia Soul is a solid ride that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it is also a super fun car that actually makes you excited to drive. Not quite an SUV, a hatchback or a crossover – the Kia Soul is in […]

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    Kia Rio 5-Door 2012 Review

    To get a hatchback, or not to get a hatchback is the question. Nowadays, the burgeoned trend for the younger demographic of drivers is to get as much gas mileage out of their car, while being able to stuff in an excessive amount of IKEA boxes into it. To top it all off –  at […]

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    2011 Kia Optima SX Turbo Review

    Lets face it, when you think of a KIA – horsepower, sleek lines, fuel efficiency and overall sex appeal usually doesn’t come to mind. But the 2011 Kia Optima SX Turbo is certainly all that and more. The Kia Optima SX Turbo has it all for both men and women – that includes the 274-hp, […]