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    Kero Lightning Nomad Cable is a Must-Have for iPhone and iPad Owners

    Whether they be 30-pin or Lightning, Apple charging/syncing cables are not known for their durability. They are known, however, for lasting about three to six months longer than they should, until the point where you look at the exposed wires with incredulity and hope that an electrical fire doesn’t start. Or, you could opt for […]

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    Sage Braid Kickstarter Project Fights poverty

    A Kickstarter for kickstarting real, sustainable businesses to create jobs and fight poverty? Imagine that. A Global Friendship is a non-profit organization, and one among many taking a new approach to aiding poverty-stricken communities. They go about that by working with people in impoverished communities, taking local skills and turning them into the foundations for […]

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    Hidden Radio Review – A Kickstarter Project

    Hidden Radio has come a long way since its grassroots days of being a Kickstarter Project back in Nov 2011. This little radio/Bluetooth speaker is finally ready for its close-up. John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria were successful enough to collect nearly a million dollars in funding thanks to their Kickstarter campaign. With those […]

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    Crowdsourcing or Crowdfrauding? The Truth Behind Kickstarter

    Kickstarter was meant to herald the age of a new generation of innovators. Forget about lengthy business plans and battling the banks for high interest loans, Kickstarter could get your project funded and up and running within a matter of weeks-with nobody to pay back at all. A haven for budding entrepreneurs and creative people, […]