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    Things Kim Kardashian Said That Are Pure Gold

    Oh, Kim K. She has said and done things that are crazy, hysterical, face palm worthy, and maybe even borderline relatable? Read on for our roundup of the best things she has ever said; for better or even for worse. Either way, it’s pure entertainment gold. Love her or hate her, at least you’ll get […]

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    Now You Can Get Kim Kardashian Emoji Wrapping Paper

    Looking for the perfect gift for your Kim Kardashian-obsessed friend. Well, we aren’t sure what to tell you there but we do know what you can wrap it in. The reality queen is now selling wrapping paper featuring her Kimoji characters from her super popular app. Of course, one of the rolls features just her very […]

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    Britney Spears Mobile Game Will Feature Fashion By Juicy Couture

    Juicy Couture is really having a moment. Earlier this month it was announced that those iconic Juicy Couture velour track suits of the early 2000’s would be making a comeback in an exclusive collection for Bloomingdales, and now it seems they will also be invading our phones. Britney Spears, one of the most frequent wearers of the […]

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    The Kimoji App Expands to Include the Whole Kanye West Family

    You remember the Kimoji app, Kim Kardashian’s 250-emoji strong keyboard app? Yeah, I know, sorry for bringing it up. Well, round two has begun, and while there’s more West family, more emoji, more GIFs, and more twerking, Kimoji 2.0 is going to cost you. Alright, it’s not that bad. All of the new content can […]

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    Kimoji Breaks Apple’s App Store Thanks to Inappropriate Emoji

    It’s hard to tell whether this was the year of emoji or the year of Kardashian apps, so I guess it’s only appropriate that we end 2015 with a confluence of the two. Kimoji, a new keyboard app stocked with over 250 Kim Kardashian-based emoji, was released from the source (Kardashian and exclusive Kardashian developers […]

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    Kylie Jenner’s App is Already Number 1 in the App Store

    An event to rival even the WWDC went down at the SoHo Apple Store in New York on Monday, as the Kardashian/Jenner sisters — all five! — took the stage to announce an historic app offensive. As of this week, each sister has a new iOS and Android app available (well, almost — Kourtney’s isn’t […]

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    Kim Kardashian’s Best Selfies of 2014

    Kim Kardashian has had quite the year. She got married to Kanye West, had a baby, and also launched one of the top selling games in the App Store. So is that an empty wallet in your pocket? That is probably due to the fact you purchased a bunch of in-app add-ons in Kim Kardashian: […]

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    Kim Kardashian Tries to Break the Internet, Internet Appears to Still Be Working

    Kim Kardashian and Paper magazine tried to break the Internet (sorry, #BreakTheInternet) this week with some good old nudity. Every side of Kim Kardashian, in the physical, three-dimensional sense, is exposed in the magazine’s winter 2014 issue, which hits newsstands sometime this year. When exactly I don’t know, I don’t think that many people bothered […]

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    Watch Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mobile Game Trailer Now!

    Get excited, you guys. There’s a Kim Kardashian game on the horizon, and the object of the game is to try to successfully replicate Kim Kardashian’s career arc. Details may vary. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a mobile game where you create and customize your own celebrity self. You can choose your own celebrity profession, but […]

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    Kim Kardashian is Cover Girl for the World’s First 3D Magazine

    Kim Kardashian has been given the honor of gracing the cover of the new World’s Most Beautiful Magazine’s first issue. Magazines with special edition 3D covers have come and gone quite frequently over the years. But the World’s Most Beautiful Magazine is the first “commercial” magazine to be produced completely in 3D. That means that […]