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    Alcatel Xess is a 17″ Tablet Made for the Kitchen

    We’ve seen a lot of connected home and mobile tech migrate to the kitchen lately. That’s where the family comes together, and tech companies think they can help with that. The latest kitchen gadget is the Alcatel Xess, a 17″ tablet with some preloaded bonus content that should give it a leg up on other […]

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    20 Ways to Geek Out Your Kitchen

    Kitchens are where the magic happens. Food brings people together, and at any party or dinner party, we all end up in the kitchen at some point. That’s why it should really reflect the heart of who you are. If you are a nerd that loves sci-fi films and uses the word “science” as a […]

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    iGrill Meat Thermometer Shrinks Down to Bite-Size

    iDevices has shrunk down their iGrill meat thermometer into the iGrillmini, which sports the same Bluetooth connectivity while taking up much less space. The iGrillmini is one-fourth the size of its predecessor, and boasts an LED light indicating doneness and an impressive 150-hour battery life. The device also has a magnet attached, so you can […]

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    Sony Xperia Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition – Rinse & Review

    Not too long ago we reviewed Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z. We walked away impressed with its crazy thin and lightweight form factor, its water resistant abilities, excellent camera, and its general high end feature set and performance. Since then, Sony has introduced a special Kitchen Edition of the Xperia Tablet Z. Being water resistant, the […]

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    Egg Yolks Be Gone! Pluck Sucks the Yellow Away

    An egg yolk separater would make a great gift to the health nut in your life. In case you aren’t fond of the classic egg shell dive technique, Quirky is has brought us this fairly quirky product, the Pluck. Crack an egg into a bowl, place the Pluck just over the yellow yolk of artery […]

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    Retro-fy Your Office with the Pixel Time Wall Clock

    With smartphones, iPhone docks, tablets everywhere, we cant help but wonder if anyone even bothers using wall clocks anymore. But the Pixel Time Wall Clock will make you want to have a wall clock again. This wall clock is made of “pixels” and looks just like something out of an 80’s computer game. It measures […]

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    eTab Would Be Gordon Ramsay’s Tablet of Choice

    There is a new tablet in town, and it’s not what you would expect at all. The eTab is a 7″ tablet that has been specifically designed to be used in the restaurant and food industries. The device is a table-top device with a 7″ touchscreen that allows the patron to order food and beverages […]

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    Chef Sleeve is the Ziploc Baggie of iPad Cases

    I know many, including myself, that like to cook with their iPad, since apps like Epicurious offer a great selection of recipes. But just like my apron, my iPad gets filthy as I try and scroll around on the screen with breadcrumb battered hands. The Chef Sleeve however, is looking to be the perfect sous […]

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    T-fal Digital Toaster Oven Sports Wireless Signal Bars

    Toaster ovens are generally not the most exciting of kitchen appliances, yet the new T-fal Digital Toaster is quite the looker. Besides its sleek modern lines, it also has a neat LCD screen that is reminiscent of a cell phone’s wireless signal bar strength meter. No, it won’t tell you how strong the wireless signal […]

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    Apron Cooking Guide Helps You Cheat in the Kitchen

    I’ve recently discovered the Epicurious iPad App to be an essential tool in the kitchen for looking up recipes. Sure, some people can cook without ever glancing at a recipe, but others are like me and need directions! For those of you who are more like me, you’ll appreciate the Apron Cooking Guide. This Apron […]