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    Kodak Brings Their Photography-Focused Ektra Smartphone to the U.S.A.

    Not too many people expected Kodak to get into smartphones last year, but that’s just what they did with the Ektra (kind of — Kodak lent their name to it, but Bullitt manufactured it). The longtime photography company wanted to make waves with a smartphone that looked and felt like a camera, with the photography […]

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    Kodak 35mm Film Lives to See Another Day in Hollywood

    For many, the difference between film and digital recording isn’t a difference of technology, but one of medium. Movies shot on celluloid film have both tangible and psychological importance to the creators and the movie-watchers, and in the hands of masters, film can still be used to terrific and unique aesthetic effect. That’s why it’s […]

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    The Best Gadgets of CES 2012

    Like a whirlwind, CES 2012 has came and went. As usual, this year’s show floor was full of technology wonders that you can expect to see more of within the coming months. But in the midst of the hot mess of new gadgets there were a couple of new electronics and technologies that especially stood […]

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    Kodak EASYSHARE M750 Wireless Camera Uploads Photos for You

    Despite rumors of Kodak planning on filing for bankruptcy, the company has announced two new innovative imaging products at CES, including the Kodak EASYSHARE M750. Everyone hates wires, and fortunately, the new Kodak EASYSHARE M750 Wireless Camera is all about cutting the chords. This wireless camera has built-in Wi-Fi sharing that makes it super easy to […]

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    Happy National Camera Day! Go Ahead, Take Your Best Shot

    Did you know that today is National Camera Day? That is right – July 4th, take that!  Without cameras we couldn’t take pictures of your flashy fireworks. In fact, everyday we all seem to celebrate National Camera Day, as cameras have become a part of our daily life more and more. We take snaps with […]

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    Kodak ESP Office 2170 Printer Review

    When you buy a printer there are certain features consumers look for prior to their printer purchase. For starters – price? Does it print quality images? How fast does it print? And how much will the ink cost me? Well the latest All-in-one printer from Kodak aims to answer all those important questions and then […]

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    CES 2011 – Kodak Camera Booth Tour

    Kodak has a new line of fun and affordable cameras coming this year, and we had the opportunity to take a hands-on look. Kodak has done a fabulous job of incorporating the features that young consumers want. Some of the features incorporated into their upcoming lines of cameras include chic and stylish appearances, waterproof-dustproof-shockproof durability, […]

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    Kodak Photo Books with SMARTFIT Technology Review

    Kodak Gallery is an online digital photo processing and developing service that has expanded to include the printing of personalized Photo Books.  Joining the site is simple and fast, only requiring your first name, email address, and a password.  You can even link a Facebook account directly to the Kodak Gallery.  Once signed in you […]

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    Kodak PYNK Smart Print System Review

    We’ve all been there – you need a good gift that will impress, and you need it fast – so fast, that you can’t wait for it to be delivered. Kodak’s new PYNK Smart Print system which will be available at PYNK Ready KODAK Picture Kiosks around the country including CVS, lets you create, print, […]

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    Kodak is Giving Away 50 Free Business Mommy Cards

    For all the mommies out there – Kodak has a gift for you! They have a special card named after you, called the ‘Mommy Card.’ What is it exactly? Well Mommy Cards are a cross between a business card and a photo card. They can be used for making play-dates, a quick reference card for […]

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    Kodak Marketed Cameras To Women Back in the 1900’s

    It has been almost five years since we originally wrote about the feminine Kodak cameras of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Well, besides selling feminine orientated cameras, Kodak at the time also heavily marketed to them as well, in the Ladies Home Journal of all places, Harpers Bazzaar, and many other magazines at the time that […]

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    New Kodak Picture Kiosks Help You Share and Print

    Kodak is a company looking towards the future of picture sharing. Introducing a new line of products that focuses on accessing and sharing photos through social networks and e-mail, Kodak products are moving away from the old way of sharing pictures and videos and into a new realm.

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    The Kodak Gallery and Jill Zarin Want to Thank One Million People

    Many of us have been using Flickr, Snapfish, Picasa for our photo sharing needs. Well Kodak wants to remind us that they too have all the photo sharing capabilities of their competitors as well as the ability to create custom goods for you too. The Kodak Gallery has been totally rebuilt and relaunched to give […]