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  • LACIE Rugged USB-C Flat Lay FPO


    LaCie Rugged External Hard Drives Are Going USB Type-C

    Not the most exciting news here, unless you’re a really big fan of everyone’s favorite multi-use, reversible cable. LaCie’s Rugged external hard drives now come in USB Type-C models, in capacities up to 4 TB. LaCie, the high-end storage brand owned by Seagate, has found a nice little niche as the preferred external hard drive […]

  • DSC00587


    LaCie Porsche Design USB-C Mobile Hard Drive Review

    For over a decade, the Porsche Design series from LaCie has been the source of some of the most beautifully crafted PC peripherals on the market. Their latest Porsche Design Mobile Drives continue to bear the series’ iconic good looks, but there’s been a tech overhaul — these drives have USB Type-C ports. Better yet, […]

  • screenshot_02


    LaCie Chromé Could Be Their Most Luxurious Hard Drive Ever

    It’s pretty hard to make storage interesting when the bulk of people probably make their purchasing decisions based on whatever happens to be on sale at the time, but Seagate always manages to spice things up come CES time. Their LaCie brand has a long history of storage drives-as-art, and this year is no different. […]

  • lacie


    LaCie Sphère Hard Drive is 360 Degrees of Luxury

    Normally, I would decry a luxury tech device with a French accent in the name as utterly insufferable, but LaCie and silver design house Christofle are actually from France, so I guess the Sphère gets a pass. Sphère is a ritzy-for-the-sake-of-it silver-plated hard drive in the form of a sphere that looks like it might […]

  • LaCie Fuel Wireless Drive


    LaCie Goes Wireless with Fuel Drive

    Running low on storage space on your iPad? Add a little fuel to the fire – well, a lot, actually. The LaCie Fuel Wireless Drive is a mobile hard drive that syncs with Apple device wirelessly and provides a whole 1 TB of extra storage.

  • screenshot_1665


    Porsche Design USB Key is 32GB of USB 3.0 Goodness

    These days it’s difficult to get us excited about a USB key, but LaCie’s new Porsche Design USB Key has managed to do just that. That is because this USB key is a super sleek USB 3.0 key. USB 3.0 means that it’s optimized for super fast file transfers. As a matter of fact, LaCie […]

  • ForMoa_Coat_Artistic


    New LaCie Coat and LaCie ForMoa Laptop Cases Also Fit the iPad

    Well LaCie is certainly leading the pack with stylish portable hard drives, but it seems they want to tackle the laptop, hard drive, and even iPad sleeve accessories too. LaCie announced today a colorful series of sleeves for protecting and carrying compact netbooks and MacBook computers – LaCie Coat and LaCie ForMoa, designed by Sam […]

  • lacieiamakey


    Lacie’s iamaKey Review

    Last week we posted about Lacie’s new USB keys that actually look like keys and now we’ve finally got to get a hands- on one of them – the iamaKey, that resembles an ordinary key. It’s a wonder that it has taken so long for someone to come up with this concept – after all, […]

  • itsakey


    LaCie Releases Three USB Keys That Look Like Real Keys

    Last September we reported on the Aexea KeyXpress USB Key that actually looked like a ‘key’. Well who knew the firestorm that would incur, blogging about what ended up being labeled a ‘crapgadget’.  Just released today, the iamaKey and itsaKey ( unique names ) come in 4GB and 8GB capacities from LaCie and your eyes […]