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    Case-Mate Releases First Samsung Infuse 4G Cases

    Case-Mate seems to charging ahead of the competition when it comes to making new cases for a phone that was just released. The Samsung Infuse 4G is the latest gadget to be fitted for a Case-Mate suit. The Barely There case will be available for the Infuse, which seems fitting. I mean shouldn’t the thinnest […]

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    Ed Hardy Palm Pre Cases

    Sometimes it’s too little too late, and that seems to be the case with the Palm Pre. You would think manufacturers would have pumped out lots of cases and accessories for it months ago – not now when people are just about ready to chuck it for something else. But if you are one of […]

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    Speck Fitted Artsprojekt Cases Review for iPhone 3G/3GS

    The Speck Fitted Artsprojekt Cases, as we reported back in December, are a deviation for Speck from their usual pinstripe and relatively reserved designs. This new collection is vast and exclusive to Speck and features designs from the Artsprojekt Global Creative Network. There are currently only three of these cases available so far, and the […]

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    CES 2010: Philips Notebook Accessories

    Philips line of notebook accessories include notebook sleeves, a Notebook Cushion Speaker, several models of USB speakers, a Bluetooth- enabled mouse that can be used without a surface, a webcam with cable management and direct YouTube upload. The notebook sleeve consists of  a soft cushion for your lap with a stable hard top that allows […]