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    iSkin Launches Silo Fashion Laptop Carriers for the Ladies

    Ladies have you ever been in a conundrum about laptop bags? Sure many more look feminine these days, but under that designer flair it still resembles a laptop bag. Well these newest bags from iSkin totally turn laptop bags on their ear. It’s the laptop bag redefined in the words of iSkin. The Silo Laptop […]

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    Artecnica Makes a Laptop Case and Desk in One

    Is it a case or is it a portable  desk? Hmmm…well how about both! A new creation from Artecnica is a Laptop Case that is crafted to be both a laptop case as well as portable workstation. The laptop case is lined with neoprene and comes in two sizes: 13″ and 15″.  This die cut […]

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    A Preview of iPad Accessories for Women

    Whether you love it or hate it, the Apple iPad is coming out very soon. Already case makers and accessory makers are designing tons of stylish sleeves, bags, add-ons, and more. How you carry your electronic devices is as much of a social statement as it is a fashion statement, it’s essential that a girl […]

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    New LaCie Coat and LaCie ForMoa Laptop Cases Also Fit the iPad

    Well LaCie is certainly leading the pack with stylish portable hard drives, but it seems they want to tackle the laptop, hard drive, and even iPad sleeve accessories too. LaCie announced today a colorful series of sleeves for protecting and carrying compact netbooks and MacBook computers – LaCie Coat and LaCie ForMoa, designed by Sam […]

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    Speck CorePack Fly Notebook Messenger Bag Review

    The first thing that comes to mind when I think of airport security, is the hassle of having to take my laptop out of my bag and putting it into one of those cold hard plastic containers to be scanned. I can’t help but get nervous that my laptop is going to get scratched or […]